Week beginning Sunday 3 December

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Donations are welcome for MARAH and the FOOD BANK. There is a collection point in the Porch Room..

MESSY CHURCH needs more help – we are looking for volunteers to help serve tea, squash and cake. and wash up following a Messy Church session. We also need volunteers to help with craft activities and, most importantly, make the next generation of Christians feel welcome in our lovely church. We have three sessions a year, plus Christingle and Good Friday. Please contact Deborah Smith, 01453 883611 if you could spare 12 hours per year! Thank you.

PRAYING IN THE WEEK – The n amesof those we remember on our weekly prayer list (and on this website here) will be included for four weeks.  If there is a request for a name to remain on the list, or to continue to be prayed for at the Tuesday morning prayer group, please contact admin@minchchurch.org.uk

AUCTION OF PROMISES – 27 January 2024 – There’s a fine and growing range of promises to choose from. These will be advertised, and the bidding will open a few weeks’ time before the event. For any ‘Auction’ queries please contact Leonora Rozee at leonora.rozee@gmail.com, 01453 882562 or Mandy Jutsum, mandyjutsum@btinternet.com, 01453 882477 or 07774 836004