Our churchyard is a beautiful open space next to Minchinhampton Common. 

If you have ever been a member of Minchinhampton Church, or you live in the parish, you have a right to be buried here.  If you would like your loved one to be buried here, please ask your funeral director to be in touch with our Benefice Office (01453 889004 –

There are regulations that apply to all churchyards in the county, but also for the well-being, safety and enjoyment of all who use the churchyard, please adhere to the following rules:

1. Plants / bulbs may be planted in the ground on graves. Daffodils


2. One stone or metal plant pot may be placed in the ground
on a grave, or in the integral pot-holder on the headstone, to hold flowers. Flowers at base of headstone


3. There should be only natural flowers and no man-made objects or materials on top of the grave or cremation stone.

4. To facilitate mowing, the grave should be free of kerb stones
or wooden / plastic surrounds.  churchyard 


5. There should be no stones or chippings on the grave.

6. Plastic wrappings from flower bouquets should be placed in one of the black dustbins and flowers removed from the grave when they have died. Dustbin

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