We have six bells weighing 5cwt-12cwt and we ring in an upstairs ringing chamber, up a spiral staircase of 44 steps which is located on the north-east corner of the building.  

Our ringers are of varied ages (teenage to 70+) & ringing experience (ranging from learners to 40+ years of ringing). We welcome visitors and new ringers, and are able to give 1-1 instruction to anyone who is keen to learn. We practise on Fridays 7.30pm-9pm and ring for Sunday services 9.15am-10am.

We also ring for weddings, funerals and other special events upon request - for example, in the past, we have offered (and rung) a quarter peal which was one of the lots on offer at the church's 'Auction of Promises'. We have an annual tower outing somewhere in the locality, enjoying visiting new towers and spending social time together.

A couple of years ago we won the Stroud Branch striking competition and went on to represent the Branch at the G&B Diocesan competition.  We have close links with the local (Stroud) branch and ring with others when opportunities arise. During the Covid Lockdowns, many of our band used 'Ringingroom' to further our expertise in method ringing.




Angie Ayling is our Tower Captain while Tony Natt is the Ringing Master who takes the lead at practices and service ringing. Email Angie here