PCC Minutes January 2023



Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 24th January 2023 at 7.30pm in the Porch Room


Present: The Revd Canon Howard Gilbert (Rector and Chair), Revd Coral Francis (Curate),  Linda Jarvis (Reader), Angie Ayling (Churchwarden), Caroline Thackray (Churchwarden), John Jutsum (Treasurer), Jackie Natt (Deanery Synod), Ian Jarvis, Tracey Clements, Julian Elloway (Deanery Synod), Alison Wood (Deanery Synod), Judith Cleever; Steve Jarvis (item 4.1); William Reddaway

Jennie South (observing)






Apologies:  Margaret Sheather; Joan Goldsmith



Minutes of the previous meeting held on 22nd November 2022

Accuracy agreed.



Matters Arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda




Rector’s Items

    1. Sweden link proposal – Steve Jarvis:

JJ felt that the Jarvis were already very committed to Masasi; SJ said he has time for both (as he did in Bisley).

SJ talked about the make-up of the parishes/church there. A choir of 19 (aged 17-30) is coming in May (17th-20th); only one member is 17.  2 adults are accompanying (possibly total 21).

DBS issues: Gloucester diocese does not seem to have any risk assessments of safeguarding policies in place for this. Hosting is in families and SJ said he felt that one gets a lot more out of it if one hosts.

The visit should not cost the parish anything. There is usually a concert on the Friday night which then covers expenses. This would be a one-off ‘taster’ rather than a formal link at this point, but SJ hoped that we would be looking at a link in the future. This can be discussed when they come. SJ was asked to proceed with the arrangements.


    1. William Reddaway request for approval to take communion to the housebound: WR needs this to take services in Cecily Court. All agreed.
    2. Warm spaces(Jennie South sent out a note before the meeting.) JS says it is definitely worthwhile so it is good if there is someone (from the congregation) there every Sunday pm. CT asked if there is a rota - answer ‘no’ but some people are volunteering. HG asked if we should have a rota on Saturdays and Sundays; this could be financially positive.
    3. Coronation Day: we will screen the coronation and Warwick will attend, so hymns can be sung; service time as yet not known. We may have a flower festival – flower arrangers need to be asked.
    4. Youth Choir: just being launched, to sing one Sunday a month. Practice will be after junior Choir, 6.30-6.50pm. JE said flexibility is needed according to the needs of the children; also, he asked why not every Sunday? Children will get £2 per Sunday; the RSCM has suggested rates.
    5. Church camp: 12th-14th May.




















G & JS






Progress with cost savings: difficult to achieve without fundamental changes eg reducing staff.

Temperature: this has been reduced by one degree with no complaints; we could lower it more.

Printing: weekly news sheet is now always just 2 sheets of paper.

New phone in Rectory: this is cheaper, but there have been continual problems.

Profit from Burns night quiz: £1,200, + an additional donation of £250.



Fabric and Churchyard

    1. Electrical works – approve costs JJ pointed out that these costs are carried over from last year’s accounts.
    2. General Fabric Report - previously circulated. David Goldsmith was thanked for his work on this. A new list is to be drawn up for when to fly a flag
    3. Churchyard Report – a new committee now needs to be set up to implement the plan; all thanks to Gerald South and Stephen Bennett (who mows); some adjustment is needed to the mowing plan to ensure that the area of burial is regularly mown. GS asks for endorsement of the plan from the PCC; (JJ pointed out that the costs list does not correlate with the visual plan.) Therefore, the PCC endorses the plan once the few adjustments have been made.

WR asked about the skips; discussion was held. HG and CF will ask the advice of others at the Deanery Chapter Meeting.

    1. Confirm decision about location of bicycle stands – PCC views were invited and the agreed site is on the south side, on the grass on the left of the path as you leave the church. WR suggested leaving space for more stands in the future; HG suggested putting 3 in at the start. CT said measurements will need to be taken. Vote: HG proposed, 2nd IJ, all in favour. CT to talk to GS and AA will look into the need for Archdeacon’s approval.




















Hospitality matters

    1. Standing Committee decision re suitable events to hold in the church – HG sought views about hosting a wedding reception/ dinner/ party. A discussion was held about: a deposit; dancing; costs; insurance; the possible need for a lockable lid for the font; this could be the start of similar events in the future – depends a lot on how this goes.
    2. Hospitality group update – to approve cost changes: WR asked about wine glasses in church (this was an issue at a recent concert.) It was made clear that this refers to when our hospitality group are volunteering at an event.   Approved unanimously.



Safeguarding - report issued in advance.  John Cleever needs all PCC to notify him of their training; he also needs to tell all what they need to do as regards training (Judith to tell him this). Thanks were expressed to John for his work.



Arrangements for 2023-24 PCC and Standing Committee meetings  Tues May 23rd we will probably have a new curate starting and, if so, HG will be on a residential course; therefore, proposal to move meeting to 16th May.



St Barnabas, Box – CF: successful posada involving 24 households; crib service with 99 people.



Electoral Roll update -217



Any Other Business – JC: very few people offer to lead intercessions at the moment; HG to say something in a service, to encourage people.

Avening & Cherington: advert is now out for a 3rd time. Deadline is 6th March, interviews 27th March. If there is no appointment, they will join us. Discussions are being held about this.


The meeting closed at 9.37pm

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