The Parochial Church Council, or P.C.C., is an executive committee of the parish with powers and duties defined by certain Acts of Parliament. The membership consists of the clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with a number of representatives of the laity elected by the annual parochial church meeting of the parish. The P.C.C. secretary and the treasurer are elected from the PCC. In addition there are three ex officio members who are the elected members of the Deanery Synod.
The P.C.C. has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish, the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. Formally, the P.C.C. is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. It also has a voice in the forms of service used by the church and may make representations to the bishop on matters affecting the welfare of the parish.
Members of the P.C.C are:
 Clergy:  The Rector
 Reader:  Linda Jarvis
 Churchwardens:  Angela Ayling
   Mandy Jutsum
 Hon Treasurer:  John Jutsum
 Hon Secretary:  Margaret Sheather
 Convener at Box:  Vacant
 Deanery Synod Representatives:  Jamie Dalrymple-Hamilton
   Julian Elloway
   Jackie Natt
   Margaret Sheather
 Elected Councillors:  Simon Ritter
   Peter Petrolito
   Christine Gibson
   Alison Whitaker
   Ian Jarvis
   Caroline Thackray
   Joan Goldsmith
   Tracey Clements

PCC Report - March 2021

The PCC met on 28th January and these are three key items discussed.

Angie Ayling (Churchwarden) recommended national online safeguarding training she had completed. All PCC members need to complete the Basic level training and everyone agreed to do this by the time of our next meeting in March. The training is open to anyone interested to complete it and can be found at

Livestreaming Worship
The PCC recognised that broadcasting our worship has been very much welcomed by those unable to attend church when it has been open, and also by people who have moved away from the area and want to keep in touch. The benefits of this will continue beyond the current lockdown and other restrictions both to allow participation in worship for those unable to attend, and also, for example, to enable people unable to get to funerals for any reason to participate or to stream future concerts or talks to a wider audience. Thus we started thinking about our options for improving the quality, reliability, and usability of our system, and how we might fund those improvements.

New drainage and repairs to the Chancel north wall
A grant application to Historic England’s Covid-19 Emergency Heritage at Risk Response Fund had been made for the cost of these urgent repairs. Since the meeting, we have had the excellent news that £21,176.40 has been awarded from the fund. This will meet the bulk of the costs which would otherwise have used up the remaining amount in the Fabric Fund.

Margaret Sheather
PCC Hon Sec

Annual Report - April 2019

The Parochial Church Council comprised: The Rector, Revd Sandy Emery, Mandy Jutsum (Church Warden), Howard Browning (Church Warden), John Jutsum (Hon. Treasurer), Jamie Dalrymple Hamilton (PCC Sec.), Mary Codling, Julian Elloway, Catherine Francis, Christine Gibson, Michael Gwilliam, Ian Jarvis, Linda Jarvis, Jackie Natt, Margaret Sheather, Peter Petrolito and Alison Whittaker. It met nine times. Catherine Francis, Christine Gibson, Peter Petrolito and Alison Whittaker were elected at the 2018 APCM and Julian Elloway was elected during the course of the year. The Standing Committee comprised: The Rector, Mandy Jutsum and Howard Browning (nominated Wardens), John Jutsum (co-opted Treasurer) and Jamie Dalrymple Hamilton PCC Secretary. It met eleven times. For the majority of this period (Vacancy) meetings of both the PCC and the Standing Committee were ably chaired by Mandy Jutsum.

The PCC were invaluable in the support they provided to the Clergy and Church Officers during this period and were actively involved with many important decisions involved with the running of your Church, particularly during this crucial phase of the Re-ordering. On behalf of the congregation I would like to extend to them our grateful thanks for their time and commitment. The Minutes of PCC meetings are available for inspection at the Church Office or in the blue ring-bound folder in the Porch Room. It should be noted that the Minutes are only deposited once they have been approved at the subsequent PCC meeting eg the Minutes for the January meeting will only be deposited after they have been approved at the February meeting of the PCC.

As your PCC Secretary I am in the privileged position of seeing how much work goes on behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. Indeed it has been calculated that some 300 'volunteers' are involved in different roles within the church in any one year. A truly humbling figure. It would be quite impossible to single out everyone for the special mention that they deserve, but they know who they are and a big 'Thank-You' from all of us.

Finally this APCM marks the retirement from Office of two individuals whose names really do deserve special recognition - Ian Jarvis and Howard Browning. Ian is standing down from the PCC having completed his latest stint of three years. It is not widely known, but this was the third occasion he has served as a member of the PCC and he has also been a Church Warden at Holy Trinity in the past. His general knowledge of all matters to do with the Church, his enthusiasm and commitment are an example to us all and he will be greatly missed at forthcoming PCC meetings. Howard as we all know has with his co-warden, Mandy Jutsum, been responsible not only for steering us through the Vacancy but crucially played a fundamental part in making sure the first phase of the Re-ordering came through on budget and on time. Throughout this potentially fraught period, his calm measured approach and seeming unflappability whatever happened or in some cases did not happen, was quite exceptional. His successor will have a very difficult act to follow, but we are indeed very fortunate that we will still have Mandy Jutsum as our senior Warden to provide continuity with John Jutsum continuing as Treasurer.

Jamie Dalrymple-Hamilton - Hon. Secretary