Notices for week beginning 19 January 2020


STROUD DISTRICT FOOD BANK – needs tinned fruit/vegetables, tinned spaghetti, pasta sauce, instant/tinned custard, shaving foam, razors, hair conditioner, loo rolls, children’s toothbrushes, baby wipes, soup, bags of sugar and tinned meat.

MARAH – needs coffee (any instant sort), sugar, long life milk, toiletries, shower gel, shampoo, spray deodorant, (not toothpaste or brushes), men’s socks and underpants, but these need to be new (any size briefs or boxers or trunks). During the work on the porch area, please give any donations directly to Jackie Natt.

COACH TRIPS – Jan 2020 no trip, 12 Feb Windsor & Castle, 24 MAR Abergavenny Tel: 833131 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

STEWARDSHIP - Following the recent sermons on stewardship, those currently giving through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) may wish to increase their offering. To do this please call the PGS office on 01452 835595. You will need your PGS contributor no. to identify yourself. If you don't know your number please contact Pat Swift on 885231 or Sarah Goodwin on 873381 and also if you don't already give via PGS but wish to start.

MAKING A WILL- is always important but often neglected. Our churches always welcome legacies if people consider it appropriate to leave a proportion of their estate to their church. A legacy form is available at the rear of the church. Alternatively, please discuss what may be possible with Revd Canon Howard Gilbert or Revd John Spiers.

AUCTION OF DEEDS in aid of the 6Ps appeal – Friday January 31 at the Golf Club 7pm, preceded by a light supper at 6pm. If you wish to join us for supper beforehand please contact Millie, the events coordinator at the Golf Club, with your choice of food: Mini Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce; Chilli Con Carne with Rice or Cheese and Onion Bon Bon’s with Fries. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel. 01453 837358. Pre-bids can be made by completing the forms at the back of church or by Email . We look forward to seeing you there. Any queries talk to Sandy, Mandy, Christine or Tim.



AMBERLEY 150 CLUB – The next draw will take place at Friday Cuppa in the Littleworth Hall on 31st January. Prizes range from £100 down to £10 per winner with an equal amount being given to the church. Subscription forms and gift cards are available at the back of the church with a box for posting forms/subscriptions. For any queries contact Jane Fearnley (01453 872296 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

AMBERLEY PARISH SUPPER - Following the popularity on previous occasions of having supper together, and as announced in the last parish magazine, we are planning a Parish Supper at the Old Lodge on Friday February 7. Please add your name to the list at the back of the church by January 24 if you would like to join us. The menu will be circulated later in January, when we will be contacting all on the list to ask them to choose what they want to order. The Social Committee.

HOME COMMUNION - If anyone in the village would like home communion, reserved sacrament is available. Revd John Spiers, Simon Barker and John Gilbert are available to provide this.

OPEN THE BOOK TEAM – Volunteers wanted to join the team in sharing a Bible Story with the children in Wednesday assemblies. All materials provided, so no preparation required before the day. We work in pairs, so only need to be in school about one Wednesday a month from 2.15 to3.15pm – and it is fun. For more information please either talk to a member of the team (Liz, David, Viv, Simon, Derek, Jeremy, Rowena) or contact: Ann Morris 884877 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



CHURCHES TOGETHER COFFEE TODAY – to mark The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity we will have coffee with Minchinhampton Baptist Church TODAY at 11.30am at THE HUB. If you are able to offer a lift after the 10am service, please let us know. Please note there will be no tea/coffee being served at HTM.

COMMUNAL CHRISTMAS CARD - Thank you to everyone who sent greetings to friends through the church Christmas card. £225 was raised. Donations on your behalf have been made to Marah, The Samaritans and Stroud Food Bank. We now have a target to aim for next year's card! Mandy.

NO Traidcraft this month. Thank you.

PORCH CLOSURE – Work on installing new doors and a new roof in the entrance area to the church is expected to complete on Tuesday 10th March. Whilst works are ongoing, this area will be sealed off. Access to the church will be through the flower vestry where there is a temporary ramp up the steps. Access to the toilets and the kitchen will be through the store at the back of the Porch room. There is no ramp here. There will be no access to the Porch room, although, we may be able to regain access to this area at the weekends after the new roof is in place. All the services are continuing as normal and there will be a refreshment area set up in the church for coffee afterwards and for Wednesday cuppa. There will be no Parish breakfast in February. Apologies for any inconvenience during this time. This is the last stage of the building work: the 6Ps appeal then moves onto repair of organ and windows. More detailed information and photos in the January magazine.

CLEANING GUILD VACUUMERS VACANCY - Vacuuming the church and porch room takes two people approx.. two hours and each couple covers two months of the year vacuuming twice at two weekly intervals i.e. a commitment of just 8 hours per annum per person. Equipment is provided. Would you like to join the team and contribute in this way? If so please contact Mandy Jutsum by Email  or telephone 01453 882477

DON’T MISS A WORD! The hearing aid loop is very good, so if you have that kind of hearing aid please do switch to “T”. If you do not use a hearing aid and you are not hearing speech clearly, then please do try sitting with a speaker (mounted on the pillars) directly in front of you. We understand that is the best place to hear clearly. Whilst we do now have a very good sound system, we also have a very lively acoustic in the building. Whilst this creates a great space for music, it does reduce the clarity of the spoken word. We’ve adjusted it to get the best balance we can, but hope this advice will help everyone to hear both words and music clearly. Please do feed back to the Rector or a Churchwarden if this is helpful, so we can get a feel for how well or badly our sound system is coping.

INTERCESSIONS 2020 – a sign up list offering morning Intercessions at the 10am Service in Church on Sundays is on the notice board. Please sign up. Thank you.

HOLY TRINITY RECIPE BOOKS – If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact Geoff and Virginia Lloyd.

PAX HOME GROUP - a group who meet monthly at Ruth Allen's house for prayer, Bible study and conversation. The next meeting is Monday February 3 when we shall be continuing with the Book of Hebrews. If you would like to come along or want to know more, please phone either Ruth (883694) or Jackie (731018).

PIANIST NEEDED AT ST BARNABAS, BOX – for the first and second Sunday of the month. If you are able to help please contact the Benefice Office.