My name is Luke and I am 8 years old. I live in Minchinhampton and I go to Minchinhampton School. I live with my brother Conor who is 4 and my mum and LukeAllen0620dad. I am writing this to give you a little taste of what it is like in lockdown for an 8 year-old.

I have been taught at home, because the school has shut, but not all day so I have been learning through play. The things I like playing with most are my Play Mobil Romans and Lego. I have learned to play Cribbage and now I am very good the highest level on the computer. I have also learned Roman Numerals.

Early one morning we heard lots of crow noises in the garden on the patio. We looked out of the window and we saw a buzzard with a crow in its claws. Lots of other crows were trying to help. The buzzard swooped off with the crow. I think the crow was dead.

My family have been walking a Chihuahua called Max that belongs to Mr Trevor Grosvenor. We have been doing this because he can't take his dog for walks at the moment. My brother is scared of Max and once Conor was chased by him. When we walk the dog, I go on my bike to get more exercise.

I have not been able to play with my friends or go to Cubs. I can't see my Grandma who lives in Somerset so we Facetime her every morning and evening.

My mum has more time to go in the garden and my dad hasn't left home for work for a long time. He is working at home. When he was not working, he built some decking at the end of the garden and we have had a lot of deliveries of stones and wood. Conor and I helped him with the building, but we could have slowed him down! I think my mum and dad are a bit stressed about the situation of Covid 19 because they can’t go out in the car and go to different places. Mummy was meant to go to Ireland to see my Nanna but she could not go and that is a shame because Nanna does not get to see her family that often. She is 85 I think. Daddy was meant to go to Amsterdam to see his team at work.

My mum said after the Coronavirus is under control, the next holiday we will go on, other than Ireland, will be Australia because half of my cousins live there—5 of them. Mummy’s sister with 2 children and daddy’s brother with 3 children are there. But before then, I am looking forward to seeing my friends again.

Luke Allen