Greenfingers - April 2020

Difficult to believe, but I’ve found moss on my lawn, and from my bag of excuses, it’s down to the pond overflowing as a result of too much rain! There are two actions for control of moss in lawns: removal and prevention, but it’s worth considering the causes as it would be ideal if any action taken helps to prevent its’ recurrence, and I don’t mean filling in the pond.

From the RHS list of causes, we can dismiss acidic soil and drought-stressed grass, which leaves compaction, worn and sparse areas, shade, mowing too close, impoverished soil, poor maintenance and waterlogging.


For removal, a few days after a light cut during March and early April, apply a lawn fertiliser and mosskiller, and lightly rake out the dead moss a few days later. Over-seed any sparse areas and top dress. In autumn, apply fertiliser and mosskiller and after a few days, scarify the lawn. Aerate and brush in plenty of sharp sand with a little loam. For any sparse areas, again overseed. Select seed for shady areas.

Prevent recurrence by encouraging vigorous grass growth through feeding and regular maintenance, aerate any compacted areas and improve drainage by brushing in sharp sand, and don’t mow too short.

It’s now time to plant flower and vegetable seeds for the forthcoming season. We’ve been arranging varieties and sharing seed packets with friends, as there are usually too many seeds in one packet for the year, but a mixture is always welcome.

The 8th April full moon follows shortly after passing through perigee, when the moon is closest to the earth, so it will appear slightly larger than usual. Then on 15th and 16th it will enjoy pre-dawn close encounters with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, and an evening conjunction with Venus on 26th.

Pete Smith