The Lady Chapel Altar’s journey to Paris and installation in an excellent new home. 

A precarious start! Mind the Wedding Dresses!
Altar1 Altar2
It took seven builders to move it during the reordering This time it's 8 good men and true
Altar3 Altar4
Team work and success
Altar5 Altar6

Safely wrapped up for its journey across the channel


Le viola! In pride of place in the international school in Paris. A ‘small’ altar in a large hall



And a message to the people of Minchinhampton from the Headteacher: “we are absolutely thrilled. In fact, we had two school masses last Friday, one for the elementary school and one for our middle school.
The photos attached do not do the altar or the positioning in the auditorium justice, but we are truly thrilled that it has a home in our school. We celebrated the feast of the much-loved Parisian, St Vincent de Paul. Our own congregation of sisters were truly thrilled - even and accused me of having the touch of Downton Abbey.
There’s a short video at the end, and the singing is better in real life. We are delighted - thank you!”



Apart from the High Altar, Holy Trinity Church has two moveable altars which are now being used in the Lady Chapel and/or the nave for different events and services. We have regained space and flexibility in the beautiful 14th century Lady Chapel. The altar was Victorian and is now much better placed being used for Christian worship (one of the Bishop’s requirements) in a large auditorium serving a whole school.