Greenfingers - June 2017

Hoeing to keep weeds down is fine during June when plants are readily visible, but in April, there is a risk of damaging young shoots just below the surface. So despite the favourable dry conditions, it was hand weeding the beds. The dry April also meant the single water butt was getting low. This is used mainly for pot plants which prefer rainwater, so not a large demand, but a reminder to look out for a second water butt and bear in mind plants which thrive in dry conditions.

Some of the tasks during June are to keep on top of the weeding and mowing, support tall plants, prune spring flowering shrubs and clematis, and get the vegetable plot moving into production. The greenhouse can be emptied of bedding plants and hanging baskets to make space for tomatoes, peppers, and similar hot-house plants.image046B

One final task at the end of a long day’s gardening is to take time to relax and enjoy the scents and sounds as well as the colours and textures.

Two local Open Garden events are taking place in the next few weeks. The first is on Sunday 18th June from 10 until 4 at Holcombe Glen in support of the Stroke Association when Terry Sharpe will be opening his garden to the public. The second is on 2nd July, when 11 gardens around Minchinhampton will be open in support of the 6P’s appeal and Horsfall House. Please enjoy these community events and support the charities.

The Show Schedules are now available for the Minchinhampton Gardening Club Annual Show which takes place on Saturday 9th September, and this year has 72 classes. Check out the schedule, and start growing, photographing and baking.

Venus is visible as a bright pre-dawn object in the eastern sky, reaching its greatest eastern elongation on 3rd June.

Pete Smith