Greenfingers - April 2017

Daylight hours are increasing, and with the arrival of BST the evenings suddenly become useful for all those essential tasks as the garden comes back to life. It’s this time of year when the greenhouse is too small, as germinating seeds in trays need light, and there’s only so much bench space.

Some clever clocks change to BST automatically. Our car clock doesn’t, so it’s always summertime in the car.

For the lawn, after the first mowing, I apply some lawn sand to weaken the moss which takes a few days. Then rake followed by another mowing. Weeds are then attacked individually with lawn weedkiller, rather than broadly across the whole lawn, and finally, lawn fertiliser is applied. Edges and patches can be tidied this month, and hollows filled with a mixture of horticultural sand and soil, and raked into the grass.

CatkinsMany types of flower and vegetable seeds can be started off, seed potatoes planted out and perennial plants divided or moved. It’s worth fitting supports for perennials this month as they are growing quickly and the supports soon become invisible under the greenery.

Stroud Valleys Project have some interesting events including seed and seedling swaps, and are always keen to discuss gardening experiences.

Climbing and rambling rose branches should be tied in to horizontal supports to encourage flowering. They should be fed with a rose fertiliser and mulch applied around the roots.

A Minchinhampton Open Gardens event is being organised for Sunday 2nd July in aid of the Holy Trinity Church 6P’s and Horsfall House. So volunteers are needed who are willing to open their gardens to the public in aid of some good local causes. Please let me know if you are able to help on 883611 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.