Who is that stranger in our midst?...


I am delighted to be taking up the role of Assistant Curate in the Parish of Minchinhampton with Box, starting after my ordination as deacon at Gloucester Cathedral on 19 June. I hope to see some of you at that celebration, but if not, then on the following Sunday, 26 June in both churches.

While I have met a few of you, it will be lovely over the coming months to deepen that relationship and also for me to visit as much of Minchinhampton and Box, joining in with social activities to get to know the wider community.

I was, until recently, the Reader within the community of Amberley carrying out broad duties and exploring faith with all ages and groups. It has been a delight to be a Reader (something I don't just stop being), particularly as it has allowed me to learn many skills in pastoral care, leading worship and encouraging people to take steps in their faith journey.

Before ministry I was involved in marketing and then bookkeeping which worked well round family life. Born in Surrey I moved to Gloucestershire in 1995, moving to Amberley in 2003. My husband Nic, and three sons, love this part of the world and make the most of the joy of living on the Common, particularly as I stroll with our dogs. Nic and I are social people and we are particularly looking forward to participating in the Holy Trinity breakfast – I hear it is 5*.

I am very much looking forward to working with Helen and the ministry team and all those involved in parish life in both communities. My gifts lie in pastoral care and spiritual direction and my passion is for sharing the gospel in a broad, creative and accessible way. I am drawn to nurture what is good about both communities, while looking to reach out to those who are on the periphery. My mission will be shared between St Barnabas and Holy Trinity which I know are two very different places, but both offering a warm welcome.

This is just a brief 'Hello' with a snippet of information of who we are. I look forward to hearing your stories and beginning to share our new story as we walk together.

With every blessing,