Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link - January 2021

We hope you have had a good Christmas and 2021 has begun well for all our readers, supporters and sponsors. The Covid situation is easier in Tanzania than in the UK and the academic school year is starting as normal for Vumilia Secondary School and the Folk Development College this month. Although times are difficult for us here in the UK, the Link remains committed to supporting the ongoing education of students from Nkokoto. The following is an overview of the Link's continued involvement in to 2021.

Vumilia Secondary School: Success for Nkokoto Primary School! 55 of the 65 pupils in the top year passed their exams to attend Vumilia Secondary School (33 boys, 32 girls). Therefore we have been asked for 55 bikes. Due to the higher numbers and unit cost, we have said that to spend a total of £2,750 (£50 each) for bikes is not possible at the moment. Last year Lucky, our local representative, met with the students and parents and it was agreed that any student leaving school would return their bike to the village leadership for use by new students. We have asked how many bikes have been returned before sending any money for bikes.

8 of the new students are to be sponsored to attend Vumilia Secondary School, chosen by the school Head Teachers and the village committee, using the student's potential for academic success as the only factor in the decision. Across the 4 years there are 32 sponsored students.

Further Education We are thrilled that we are still able to continue our support for Nkokoto students into further education.

We were interested to learn and a little alarmed to hear that two University students whom we expected to study Accountancy have been instructed by the village elders to switch to Clinical Studies as it would better benefit the village. We have written to ask how this impacts the costs and also to establish if the students accept the change as this is not consistent with selfdetermination. We also question why this was done without contacting the Link.

If you sponsor a student through the Link, you will be contacted very soon if your student has left the school or FDC at the end of their course, and I will allocate you a new student, unless of course your student moves on to higher education. We are hoping that we can encourage more offers from readers and residents of Minchinhampton to sponsor a student. With no fund raising possible during the last year, we desperately need to improve our income for the future support of these young people in Nkokoto – they deserve to have the opportunities that education can offer. If you can help, please contact me. Many thanks.

With best wishes,
Rod Harris, Link Chairman Tel : 01453 872317 / 07775652379 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.