Marah - January 2021

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave gifts of food, toiletries, clothes, chocolates and , of course, money during 2020. Marah is a charity for the homeless and vulnerable people of Stroud.

We used to run regular drop-ins at lunch times on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in Stroud, but last spring everything changed due to the pandemic. After March we could only serve take aways, but we kept Marah open and we saw the numbers steadily increase. From about 40 meals in mid March, we were serving around 100 take aways by the end of the year.

Our guests are vulnerable men and women (mostly men) who often have alcohol or drug addictions and some have mental health issues. By the end of the year we were finding that we were getting many people who were new to Marah who had fallen on hard times due to COVID.

Throughout last year our volunteers kept Marah open and still offered a smile, a welcome, a hot meal and support where necessary. We are extremely grateful for all the help given to us by our supporters.

I am constantly finding coffee, sugar, milk and other items in the Marah box in the porch room!! Every item donated is used and gratefully received. You are so very kind!! and we couldn’t open without your generosity.

On behalf of these vulnerable people, thank you.

Jackie Natt