Traidcraft - November 2020

Traidcraft1120AIt has been a very difficult few months. Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it and continues to impact on the ways in which we live and work.

In India and Bangladesh, factories have closed causing a huge number of people to migrate across the country and return to their family homes. Some UK fast fashion brands are still refusing to pay for orders to garment factories leaving millions of workers facing starvation. Farmers have been unable to harvest their crops and, across the world, markets have closed.

Traidcraft is all about long term, systematic change…building livelihoods through trade not aid. However over the last few months, Traidcraft has been supporting communities with food, soap and other basics to get them through this crisis. The long term impact of this crisis is yet to hit …and the economic and political consequences will be devastating for people living in poverty.

Recovery isn’t just about surviving the restrictions…it’s about coming together to build a radically different world where we face up to exploitation and global inequality and demand justice for the most vulnerable. If you would like to help go online to the Traidcraft website

At the moment and for the foreseeable future, we are unable to run our monthly Traidcraft stall in the porch room. However, we are taking orders.

If you would like to order anything, please contact me or Deborah Smith. (01453 883611)

Jackie Natt 01453 731018