Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - September 2020

Whilst we have been in isolation, Nkokoto has not suffered so much; all schools are now reopened and the Uhuru clinic is fully operational. Alison and Rod met regularly and felt that it is important that we continue to meet all commitments, which we have done. Fortunately, our bank balance has allowed the Link to make good on all commitments. Charles Mswima, the Urambo Government representative has also provided us with updates regarding government funding, so this is have included for your information.

SUPPORT FOR COVID-19 RESPONSE: We were asked to support the clinics in buying supplies and in May we sent 750,000 Tsh, (£250.) Because there were some excess funds from the Uhuru clinic building works, a total of 1,019,000 Tsh (£335) was used for buying hand washing soap and masks for Nkokoto and Uhuru clinics. In June, Charles Mswima reported that there were no deaths reported at Nkokoto and Urambo District at large. Only four patients were quarantined and they all recovered.

EDUCATION: The Link supports 58 students. All schools had been closed for four months to protect against COVID-19 but opened again on July 20th

TAILORING GROUP: Three FDC students graduated in needlework. In May they proposed to join the Tailoring Group and asked for 757,000 Tsh (£248) each. Lucky is helping them to apply for 0% interest loans from the District Council. These are funds for youths, women and disabled persons to strengthen entrepreneurial activities.

NKOKOTO TEACHERS AND HEALTH STAFF HOUSES: Nkokoto villagers had built the foundations and provided bricks for 3 houses. In May Charles Mswima reported that the government injected 25,000,000Tsh to finish 2 houses. Money to complete the final house is included in the 2020/2021 governmental budget.

UHURU DISPENSARY: In June the Urambo District Management and Regional Secretariat acknowledged our contribution in completing the Dispensary. Charles Mswima said that the building was started in 2011 but could not be completed until now. The building is already opened and further government money is available from July in the new financial year.

1) The provision of more classrooms in Nkokoto. 2) There are 3 FDC graduates in Motor Mechanics. We have heard that the boys are now making the bricks for the workshop. However, before we can invest in their equipment, we need to receive more details. The Link will support them as much as we can when the workshop is ready.

With best wishes to all our supporters, sponsors and readers, and hoping that you are all well and safe.

Rod Harris Chair, and Alison Kennedy, Treasurer. Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01453 872317