Traidcraft - June 2020

For some communities where Traidcraft works, the impact of the lockdown has been immediate and devastating.

Migrant workers in Bangladesh and India have been left without work. Not registered for the government support available, and used to living hand to mouth, people are struggling to survive. Many are travelling hundreds of miles on foot trying to get back to their home villages.

Traidcraft Exchange has been amazing in adapting the programmes to meet these challenges - running a helpline, linking people up with transport and local support services, and critically, providing food.

Traidcraft0620Garment factory workers across Asia are also facing extreme hardship.The UK clothes market is down by a third. Factories have been closing as orders dry up. Some have not even been paid for work they did back in March.

That's why Traidcraft is calling on UK clothing brands to honour their existing contracts and not to leave workers destitute.

For others Traidcraft work with, the impact is less immediate but equally serious.

The crunch point for the farmers will come when they need to harvest their crops and sell their produce. Without access to transport and many markets closed, will they be able to do this? How will they navigate a completely new set of circumstances? As yet, we just don’t know.

We have never faced a pandemic of this magnitude before nor have we had to manage such unprecedented levels of uncertainty. At Traidcraft Exchange, they are focusing resources on responding to the immediate needs of communities who are most vulnerable and most affected by this crisis. But they are also turning their attention to how to support people beyond survival - to recover and rebuild their businesses and livelihoods.

If you feel compelled to take action, please, consider a donation, or get in contact with Traidcraft for ways you can support them from the safety of your own home.

Jackie Natt