Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - March 2020

Readers and sponsors will know that the Link sponsors twelve Nkokoto students at the Folk Development College in Urambo on vocational courses in building, Nkokoto0320mechanics, electrical, computer skills, carpentry or needlework/ tailoring. At the end of the course, the Link presents each student with a tool box, in the case of the needlework students, a sewing machine plus materials. Last year, the group of girls who qualified from their course combined their machines, equipment and materials and set up a cooperative, making clothes for the villagers and uniforms for the school students and FDC students. This enterprise has been such a success that the three students who completed their course at the college in December have joined the group, called the Minchinhampton Tailoring Group. It is great to see the students who we sponsor making such a success of their venture. And now, the engineering students have taken a leaf out of the needlework girls’ book and, with the help of their families in building the garage and yard, are establishing a garage in Urambo which they are calling “The Minch Nkokoto Garage.” This the Link is supporting with the finances that would have been used to buy their tool kits (plus a little more!) Both groups have a constitution and local trustees, including involvement by the Urambo Council Officers. We wish both groups of Nkokoto young men and women every success with their ventures.

The Link has had a request from Uhuru Clinic (which was completed on time and to budget) to cover the cost of a contractor who will connect the electrical fixtures in the clinic to the mains supply. This will include all necessary electrical equipment such as meters and accessories such as main switch, circuit breakers, trunking, etc. The cost of this task which will finally enable the clinic to become operational is less than £1,800. We are looking forward to receiving pictures of the clinic in operation.

We understand that Nkokoto Primary School has 880 pupils and needs more classrooms. The Link is considering supporting the building on one classroom in the first instance. The villagers have already fabricated 28,000 bricks for this project so it will mean that the Link is working with the villagers to improve facilities at the school, and the government also is likely to share the cost with the Link.

All this very important expenditure by the Link means that we are looking for more sponsors. I do not in the future ever want to have to say to the young people of Nkokoto “No, sorry, we can’t help you – we do not have enough money!” Please contact me if you would like more details of how you can help. Thank you.

Rod Harris
T: 01453 872317 / 07775652379  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.