Traidcraft - March 2020

This month Traidcraft Exchange is launching a new campaign in support of people around the world whose lives have been devastated by the activities of British companies.

TraidcraftA0320Hilary Gbah was a small holder farmer in Liberia, West Africa. When a UK company approached him wanting to set up a palm oil plantation, he was interested. Hilary and his community wanted development so they handed over their land expecting payment in compensation as well as promise of investment in the area. Sadly, the compensation payment was much smaller than initially pledged and the promises of a school, healthcare and job opportunities never materialized.

Hilary’s village is now surrounded by the plantation and he, like many others, have been left TraidcraftB0320without land to grow food and earn an income. For people like Hilary, land is the foundation of their basic human rights. It is their source of water, food and income. Take away their land and you take away their hope.

As Hilary says, ’We don’t have land to live from. Life is unbearable’. Traidcraft Exchange is calling for a new law to help stop thisWe have a new government in the UK and Traidcraft Exchange want to put this issue firmly on to their agenda. To find out more about the campaign visit

We are having work done on the entrance/porch at Holy Trinity church , so (at the time of writing) I hope our next Traidcraft stall will be on Sunday March 15th after the 10am service in Holy Trinity church.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018