Traidcraft - February 2020

Traidcraft0220aTraidcraft Exchange believes that no one should be left behind in trade so they are always looking to see where the need is greatest. Last year Traidcraft Exchange launched a project to help a group of people with specific challenges.

A dignified living for people with disabiities in Tanzania

Two thirds of people with disabilities in Tanzania live in rural areas. Aside from their personal limitations, these people often face Traidcraft0220bdiscrimination and abuse making it extremely difficult for them to earn a living. Coffee, cocoa and palm oil exports are all very important for the Tanzanian economy. There are many different activities involved in the harvesting and selling of these products and Traidcraft Exchange saw the potential for employing people with disabilities.

Last year they launched a pioneering new venture in Tanzania to support people with disabilities to earn a good living by working in coffee, cocoa and palm oil.

Their aims are….
• To provide people with disabilities with sustainable livelihood opportunities in the production of coffee, cocoa, and palm oil. Traidcraft0220c
• To link growers with reliable and profitable markets for their coffee, cocoa and palm oil.
• To foster a greater understanding of disabilities in local communities and reduce stigma.

We are having work done on the entrance/ porch at Holy Trinity church so, at the time of writing, I cannot say when our next Traidcraft stall will be.

Please look for the date in other advertisements.

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