Minchinhampton W.I. - February 2020

At our first meeting of the new year, the President welcomed everyone, including three visitors/potential new members. The theme of the competition this year is “something useful”, and this being the first meeting of the year, this “something” had to begin with the letter “A”. Those at the meeting voted for the best by putting their small change beside the item of their choice, and the money collected goes to Associated Country Women of the World.

The President then read out two letters. One was concerned with helping those affected by the fires in Australia, and the second was from Transition Stroud regarding a campaign to improve rural buses services. It was decided to discuss the latter at a later date.

The discussion turned to the Resolutions for this year’s national AGM. There were five. After listening to a short brief on each one, the members voted for the one that should go on to the AGM in June. “Protect our previous helium” got the most votes, closely followed by “A call to increase potential stem cell donor registration.”

We then had a talk on Wild Flowers of Gloucestershire: Myths, Remedies and Legends by Sue Smith and Sue Dodd. It was a very interesting, and often amusing talk backed up by lovely photographs of the flowers. It’s amazing how many there are.

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m. in the Library in School Lane. The next meeting is on 5th February when the talk will be on the Canal Trust. Visitors are always welcome.