Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - February 2020

TanzaniaAfter a fairly quiet period of activity during the last three months of the year, the new school year in Nkokoto has brought a busy time for our Link representative Lucky.

He has organised the ordering of the new school uniforms for the 32 Nkokoto students who are sponsored by the Link and attend Vumilia Secondary School, and put into motion the delivery of bicycles for the 43 students from Nkokoto who passed their exams in the primary school and will start in year 1 in the secondary school at the beginning of January. These bikes, as you know, enable the students to get to and from the school each day quickly and safely. The Link’s main education priority has always been to pay for the uniforms of the sponsored children and buy bicycles for those from the village attending the school.

Lucky has also been discussing with the students who qualified from their two year vocational course at the Urambo Folk Development College how best to purchase their tool kits that the Link will buy for them, that is, do they each have a tool kit themselves or do they club together to buy a range of tools and equipment to set up a group organisation and thus possibly take on a greater range of work than if they were working by themselves.

This happened last year where the students who qualified from the tailoring course have worked together this year to design and make the school uniforms for the students now starting their new school year at Vumilia School. (They call themselves the Minchinhampton Tailoring Group!) The Link has also paid the College for the six new students from Nkokoto starting at the FDC this term. This payment covers the costs of tuition fees, accommodation, meals and uniforms.

Readers will remember that the Link had agreed to pay for the final stages of the Clinic at Uhuru, the village once known as Nkokoto 2. This is now more or less finished and we have photos and videos of the builders and decorators working on the clinic. We understand that as soon as it is commissioned the government will employ the medical staff and equip the clinic so that the Uhuru villagers will have their own fully active health centre – a great step forward for the village.

Rod Harris (Chairman)
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