Traidcraft - January 2020

Now we are into 2020, the future of Traidcraft using churches as an outlet is still uncertain.

Our Traidcraft Christmas coffee morning at the end of November was very successful and we sold over £900 worth of goods. A huge thank you to everyone who came along or who made cakes or helped on the day. Despite the success, it is becoming increasingly harder to order items to sell and our selection is getting smaller and smaller. All Traidcraft goods can be bought at Oxfam and in some large supermarkets....and this seems to be the pattern that is now happening. All profits from the coffee morning will be sent to Traidcraft Exchange who are more determined than ever to help vulnerable farmers and workers to get out of poverty through trade not aid.

People like:Oranges
Ndella who collects fruit from trees to make into juice. Ndella lives in Casamance in Senegal. Traidcraft Exchange has been teaching the farmers to cultivate
seedlings in their own nurseries to make sure they can grow new trees in the future. They are also starting to adopt more sustainable fruit collection practices, like cutting only the fruit from the trees rather than whole branches. They are sharing their new found knowledge with others in the area to protect the forests for future generations.

ElephantSwajan from Bangladesh produces beautiful handicrafts using traditional techniques. Thanks to Traidcraft Exchange , she has now begun to diversify her products with a new range of handmade gift cards, purses and Christmas decorations. ....most of which are available form Oxfam stores.

Our next Traidcraft stall will be on Sunday January 19th after the 10am service at Holy Trinity church.

Please come along and support Traidcraft.
Jackie Natt 01453 731018