Box W.I. - October 2019

As we do not have a meeting or activity in August, it seems a long time since we have got together!

Our next meeting on 8th October is a talk by Rose Hewlett entitled “Living on the Edge”, about communities along the Upper Severn Estuary. Sounds very interesting and I must confess a subject I know nothing about.

We are hosting the Common’s Edge WI Group meeting on Monday 21st Oc-tober at 2pm for 2.30pm in Box Village Hall. I understand we will be sampling pickles and hope there will be recipes available for us to try.

The latest knitting project is making octopuses for prem babies. I love making these toys for the babies, but we all decided at Committee that the instructions looked very complicated. We have some excellent knitters in our Group, and they will have to be consulted.

Meetings at Box Village Hall are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10am business, coffee at 10.30am followed by a speaker. Visitors are warmly welcomed at 10.30am - £3 including coffee.

Geraldine Ames, President.