Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - September 2019

Now that Lucky Mgeni is acting as our representative in Nkokoto, things have moved on at a great pace!

He has given us details of the three Nkokoto students who have qualified from Vumilia Secondary School with good GCE results and are moving on to 6th form secondary schools. (Vumilia only teaches from form 1 to form 4.) These three students, Julias Kwilasa, Senga Kalonga and Bertha Kwilasa were all students sponsored by the Link for their four years at Vumilia School and the Link will now pay their tuition, accommodation and stationery costs for the next two years while studying for their A levels.

NkokotoA0919They will be attending Bwiri Secondary School, Sengerema School and Muyovozi Secondary School. We are also continuing to fund the costs for Kelvin Osward at Njombe Sec. School and Jumanne Charles Ndemeye at Ngudu School, who have now moved into their second year of A level studies. The subjects these five students are taking include Physics, Biology, Chemis- try, Geography, History and Kiswahili.

Two Nkokoto girls, Asia Jumanne and Anastazia Stephano, whom the Link has been sponsoring at A level standard, have now finished their A levels; to the right here, a letter of thanks that Asia has written to the Link. Wonderful!!

They are now thinking about going to university. It gladdens our hearts to see how the Link’s sponsorship scheme has helped these young people to achieve and have such greater opportunities ahead of them.

Two students from Uhuru village (once a part of Nkokoto and also known as Nkokoto 2) Kilima Moses and Mariamu Mussa have been selected to join Vikindu Teacxhers Training College and we have agreed to cover their teacher training costs too. Uhuru is a very poor neighbour to Nkokoto and the people of the village were thrilled that the Link is going to complete the building of the dispensary. The structure of the dispensary, built by the villagers, is built but needs completing internally. Once that is done, the government will provide finance for a clinician, medical equipment and the clinic’s needs. This is a very special task that the Link has taken on board and will mean that the people of Uhuru will not need to walk the long distance to Vumilia or Nkokoto Clinics for medical care.

NkokotoB0919The Link had agreed earlier in the year to pay for the costs of computers and hardware for the Folk Development College in Urambo. The Government is providing the finance for the building of a computer room at the college, where many Nkokoto students attend, and below is an excerpt from a letter received from the FDC ICT/computer tutor:

He says “This is amazing gift to Urambo FDC from friends of Nkokoto- Minchinhampton UK in developing ICT skills of students in the college and running activities in the college. This is really amazing. I will write a letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, science and technology to explain your contributions to the college. I am sure Permanent Secretary will be happy for this. Thank you.”

May I finish by giving readers a copy of an email from Lucky:
He says “I continue to thank you for your continuity supporting our people especially the poor families, this is the best offering to God as the Bible from the book of St. James 1:27 says that “the best religion is that which is helping the poor,” I appreciate on that, may the Lord bless you all abundantly.”

With best wishes and thanks to all our sponsors and supporters,
Rod Harris Chairman contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 01453 872317 and 07775652379