Traidcraft - July 2019

Traidcraft0719AImagine if no matter how hard you worked today, you couldn't afford to put food on the table. For millions of people around the world, that's the reality they face. A fair income gives you freedom, security and hope for the future. It allows you to feed your family and educate your children.

That is the power of trade done well. But unfair trade amplifies poverty. It makes the rich richer and leaves the poor behind. Traidcraft Exchange exists to do two things...

  • To support people to harness the benefits of trade.
  • To fight against injustice in global trade.

It's a simple mission, but it is changing lives all over the world.

Traidcraft Exchange run development programmes across Africa and South Asia to support poor and vulnerable people to get a better deal from trade.

They are working to rescue and rehabilitate men, women and children from work under debtTraidcraft0719B bondage and forced labour conditions in northern Bangladesh and Madhya Pradesh, India. The project will create alternate avenues of income generation and establish people’s institutions that will focus on preventing exploitation.

Your support to the Traidcraft stalls means these people can work as part of a group, giving them a stronger voice and a more secure income. That means they can start to afford the things that many of us are lucky enough to take for granted.

Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft. Our next Sunday stall will be on Sunday July 21st after the 10am service.