Traidcraft - June 2019

If you imagine 1000 injustices... And picture each family affected, each abuse of power where the rich get richer at the expense of the poor...You still wouldn't be close to the scale of what's going on in the world right now. Injustice is everywhere.

But we can make things better - one small step at a time. Because it's through a thousand small steps that we actually start to make a difference. Together we can move towards a future where all trade is fair.

That’s what your support to Traidcraft means for the women of South Senegal – being able to afford the simple, everyday things that will make a world of difference to their children, because when you can’t afford the “little things”... well, you realise they aren’t so “little” after all.

Your support to the Traidcraft stalls means that fruit farmers in Casamance, South Senegal can come together and work as part of a group, giving them a stronger voice and a more secure income.That means they can start to afford the things that many of us are lucky enough to take for granted. Yacime, a fruit farmer and mother of five, explains:

shoestraidcraft0619“Before we formed the association, I couldn’t afford shoes for the children. “They used to ask their father, ‘Can we have shoes?’ and we had to say no. Now I can say yes, and they all have shoes which protect their feet on the way to school.”

For Yacime, the daily walk to school is just the first step of a bigger journey:

“I hope my children will get work after they complete their education and have jobs with salaries. I want success for my children – that is more important than success for me.”

Yacime herself never went to school, but thanks to your support, a brighter future for her children isn’t just a dream – it’s a reality.

That’s the beauty of trade when it’s done right – it keeps families happy, healthy and thriving – not just today, but for generations.

Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft.

Our next Sunday stall will be on Sunday June 16th after the 10am service.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018.