Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - April 2019


Murder Mystery and Recent Visit to Nkokoto - Part 2
During their visit to Nkokoto, Alison and Chris lived in a Teacher's House at the Folk Development Centre (FDC) in Urambo. We sponsor 6 new Nkokoto children every year to take a 2 year residential course in carpentry, electrical installation, tailoring, agriculture, animal husbandry, motor mechanics or masonry. All students also receive extra lessons in areas such as communication, computing, health care and team sports to give them better life opportunities.

Alison and Chris met the Nkokoto students, the new Principal Mr Gulmay and the staff. They lived with charcoal fires and no running water and they also saw great work in progress. The Government has provided 600 million Tsh (£200,000) for a full refurbishment of the student facilities; dormitories, classrooms, latrines,Nkokoto0419B
workshops, kitchen and dining hall. Some buildings are new,  some refurbished.

People were busy removing roofs and render from buildings or unloading trucks with 600 bags of cement!

Three dormitories (2 boys, 1 girls) each accommodates up to 100 in rooms of 4 or 8 (if bunk beds). Each has a toilet block including disabled toilets, showers and sinks. There are tall frames for substantial water tanks, for when the Government provides a new water pump to Urambo. The dining hall has 8 overhead fans. The new kitchen runs cookers from a bottled gas supply in line with a nationwide drive to improve the environment by reducing cooking on charcoal fires.

The Government provided a project manager who ensures delivery and high quality workmanship. All buildings are wired for electricity and have disabled access ramps. More classrooms allow the FDC to offer more courses. The Principal and his staff show huge pride in the improved facilities which are key to their plan to increase student numbers.

After this visit the Minchinhampton Committee decided to support the FDC by:

1. paying the increased fees for the 12 Nkokoto students,
2. paying for driving lessons for our motor mechanic students
3. providing computers for the new classroom.

This is as a direct result of your continued support to the Minchinhampton-Nkokoto Link.

Thank you to those who sponsor a child - and THANK YOU to Gerry Robbins for writing the 12th Murder Mystery - no spoilers but it was NOT Colonel Mustard in the Library. Sorry if you missed it, but I am sure that all those who were lucky to get a ticket will agree that they had another great evening.

Rod Harris Chairman (input from Alison Kennedy)
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