Traidcraft - April 2019

Imagine a world where all the trading is fair without any exploitation.
Traidcraft0419AAt Traidcraft Exchange their vision is of a world where all trade is fair – not just a few items on your supermarket shelf. But what would that world actually look like? It's hard to imagine a global trading system free from any trace of exploitation or unfair wages - but that's exactly whatyou'd get. Whether you're at your local supermarket, or a cloth stall in southern India - it would all be fair. Every item bought would tell the story of another life changed through the power of trade. In that world, the gap between rich and poor would be smaller. Families would always be fed, children would always be educated. It sounds far fetched but that is Traidcraft’s vision and they take steps towards it everyday. By buying items from Traidcraft , you have helped work towards this vision Traidcraft0419Bover the years.

However, things are changing in the way that Traidcraft are selling their goods.

It is not the idea of fair trade that does no longer work....but the way the products are sold. All the Traidcraft groceries will now be available to buy from supermarkets.

We are continuing to hold a monthly stall in church but many of the items are no longer available for us to stock. Many of you will have noticed that Geobars and many biscuits have disappeared.

We will carry on for as long as possible ...until it becomes no longer sustainable to hold a monthly stall.

Our next Sunday stall will be on Sunday April 28th after the 10am service. Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018