Traidcraft - January 2019

Traidcraft0119We have some good news!!

The struggling commercial arm of Traidcraft, has unveiled a new plan to help stave off closure. The workforce of Traidcraft plc will shrink from 67 to 12 under the blueprint. Twenty two people have already accepted voluntary redundancy.

The proposals, which have been approved by the organisation's board, are due to come into effect next year. Chief executive officer, Robin Roth said: "A couple of people came forward with plans. We've got some outside help, we've got a lot of support from people who really value Traidcraft and we think we've got a plan that can take us forward. We've been through the value and we're now coming out in the uplands, it seems."

The changes - designed to reverse losses - will weed out product ranges which are not generating profit.

Since 1979, Traidcraft plc has sold Fairtrade coffee, sugar and chocolate - as well things such as rugs and baskets from Bangladesh. In September, the organisation warned recent poor trading threatened to force the closure of Traidcraft plc in its entirety.

The future of the charitable branch of the organisation, Traidcraft Exchange, which supports farmers in developing countries, has not been affected. Traidcraft Exchange will continue to work alongside the small businesses and families most affected by this change and especially those who have relied on sales to Traidcraft for their livelihood.

What does this mean for us in Minchinhampton?

We will continue to hold monthly stalls for the foreseeable future….although the range of items may be reduced. Our first stall in 2019 will be on Sunday January 20th in the Porch Room after the 10am service .

Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018.