Traidcraft - December 2018

As I write for this December edition, I cannot yet give you the figures raised from the Traidcraft Christmas fair…but thank you to all who attended and to all the volunteers. We have always been a super trader for Traidcraft !!

As I hinted in last month’s magazine, Traidcraft will almost certainly cease trading by the end of the year. Since 1979, Traidcraft has sold goods sourced in developing countries and has pioneered the notion of fair trade . It has sold coffee, tea, sugar, honey etc …all sourced fairly….with most products being sold in UK schools and churches such as ours. Now, however, this model is no longer viable.

It is not the idea of fair trade that does no longer work….but the way the products are sold. All the Traidcraft groceries will now be available to buy from supermarkets.
Traidcraft Exchange (sister charity) will continue to work alongside the small businesses and families most affected by this change and especially those who have relied on sales to Traidcraft for their livelihood.

Michael Gidney, CEO of The Fairtrade Foundation, said; "We are saddened to hear the news that our friends at Traidcraft are facing a difficult and uncertain future."
"Subject to consultation, Traidcraft could cease trading at the end of December 2018, but it can be very proud of a legacy that has shown thousands of customers and companies a fairer way to do business. Fairtrade looks forward to continuing to campaign for trade justice alongside Traidcraft Exchange, its sister charity. Traidcraft PLC's approach is an inspiration to many, and the approach that it pioneered in 1979 will be carried forward by those many brands and businesses that choose to trade fairly. The wider Fairtrade sector, still growing today, owes a huge debt to the origi-nal steps taken by Traidcraft as a fair trade pioneer, and we hope they find a new way to continue."

What does this mean for us in Minchinhampton?

We will continue to hold monthly stalls for as long as we can order things from Traidcraft and eventually we will have a grand sale to sell off our remaining stock. Our final stall for 2018 will be on Sunday December 16th in the Porch Room after the 10am service.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018.



We raised £1,000 at the Traidcraft Christmas Fair!! Traidcraft1218

A huge thank you to all who contributed, volunteered and came along. This is a great achievement.
Congratulations to Anne Brookes who won the raffle.

Jackie Natt

Photograph is of John on the door