Traidcraft - October 2018

For over ten years Traidcraft has been buying raisins from Chile. Mifruta is one of Traidcraft suppliers of raisins….those wonderful dark, juicy raisins that are in Geobars, muesli and chocolate covered raisins.

An agronomist has been sent to Mifruta from Traidcraft to pilot a new grape variety. Initial tests show that the new variety of grape is excellent and it is hoped that nextRaisins year the first of this variety will be sold to Traidcraft. The farmers at Mifruta said that over the past ten years they have received fair payments for their crop as well as technical support to increase their productivity. They have also had help in several projects including a soil research project which identified the type and amount of fertilizers needed for their vineyards. Traidcraft introduced organic compost to reduce the use of industrial chemicals and new irrigation systems which reduced their water consumption by up to 30%.

The farmers have benefitted from been training pro-grammes in good governance and good agricultural practices.

I hope you will continue to buy the chocolate covered raisins!!

ChildisBornDare I mention Christmas??!!
It seems to be getting harder every year to find Christmas cards that depict the Christian message. Traidcraft remains one of the few organisations that continues to produce a beautiful range of traditional Christmas cards These will be available from Octo-ber …so why not buy your cards early?
Date for your diary…our annual Traidcraft Christmas Fayre is on Thursday November 15th in the porch rooms from 10am – 3.30pm. Please make a note of the date.

Our next Traidcraft stall is on Sunday October 28th after the service in the porch rooms. Please remember that you can order items from us.

Thank you.
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