Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - July 2018

The Link has been in touch with Stima in Urambo recently and he has kept us up to date on the projects that we are financing. We are pleased that work on the nurse’s house has begun and she will soon be able to move back in. We have had the details of the work to be done on the primary school’s rainwater harvesting tank that the Link built some years ago and we have had the drawings and costings for the new teachers’ house to be built. It will be for two teachers (and possibly their families). Michael, the Headteacher of the school, has sent his greetings and thanks to Minchinhampton for the equipment and furniture purchased for the school.

The two boreholes that the Link has built in Nkokoto are both functioning well. One of the requests made by the villagers during my last visit was to build a pipeline from the furthest and most recent borehole to a holding tank in the centre of the village. This would make sense and would mean that those fetching the water to their houses would have a much shorter distance to walk. Water, as you know, is heavy! We understand that the Urambo District Water Engineer is looking into the feasibility of this project. Ideally, the villagers would dig the trench for the pipes, the pump could be solar powered and the tank large enough to supply the needs of the villagers during the dry season. When we think about how easy we obtain our water for drinking, washing, cleaning and cooking, and how much we use (and waste!?) each day, we can fully justify making every effort to improve the availability of water for the Nkokoto people.

Rod Harris,Chairman.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01453 872317 or 0777 565 2379
P.S. There are two other villages in the Nkokoto district – Motomoto and Urula – that receive no support from organisations like the Minchinhampton Link and Nailsworth Link. If only other local develop links such as ours, that would be a wonderful step forward to help these two other villages.