Box Art Group - July 2018

We have had a very enjoyable year at the Art Group and there was a big change after the departure of our Chairman, Elaine Grainger, who moved to Wales. Several of the more recently joined members joined the committee and Sue Dixon and Jill Harwood became joint Chairmen, backed up with a very enthusiastic team. We were grateful that the former Chairman, Brian Dowling, volunteered to remain on the Committee, as his years of experience were very valuable.

During the year, one of our tutors left to take up a permanent post and was replaced by Beth Jenkins, an expert in printing, and Roxy Jackson continued as tutor. She is due many congratulations, having just attained her Doctorate and is now the most qualified tutor we have ever had! We have enjoyed many different activities including workshops and talks, competitions (voluntary but always very interesting), and an outing to Nature in Art. The annual session is now at an end and will recommence on 7 September when we will all be working towards the ever popular Art Exhibition to be held at Box Village Hall between 13 and 15 October.

We would welcome enquiries from prospective members and would very much appreciate offers to sit occasionally as a model (fully clothed of course, refreshments included). Details from Ann on 832552 and Hilary (884163).