Foodbank Newsletter - July 2018

The Foodbank Warehouse is situated at Brimscombe Port. The Warehouse contains all the donations for the Foodbank from individuals, schools, churches and supermarkets etc in our area. Here it is sorted, also by use date, documented and prepared for distribution to Foodbank drop-in centres in Stroud, Stonehouse, Dursley, Wotton and Nailsworth, also to any organisation identified as supporting disadvantaged groups eg. MARAH, Women's Refuge, Nelson Trust, Salvation Army, Arc House, etc. Schools also will receive an allocation for families with children during the holidays who have been identified by the school as needing help.

From time to time there are supermarket "pushes" whereby volunteers are allowed to stand in their foyers and hand out the recent shopping list to shoppers - this is an emphasised donation strategy which significantly fills the growing need for donations to the warehouse.

"Clients" of the Foodbank can only receive food at the drop-ins if they can provide a voucher to do so by a recognised authority eg social worker, doctor, police, CAB, P3, etc. Only 3 such successive vouchers per client or famil, spaced according to need, can be accessed at a Foodbank drop-in Centre in any 6 months unless it can be shown that their circumstances have significantly changed for the worse requiring a continuation of supply. This process is very closely monitored.

There has been over the past years a great need for the Foodbank Service, and recently will be increasingly so due to the introduction of Universal Credit as it largely amounts to a cut in benefits. One cannot stress enough the important need for clients to receive food from the Foodbank as clients are constantly struggling with what to pay with their benefits - housing rent or fuel bills or food - all being essential to life.

Periodically a "Shopping List" is prepared by the Warehouse - identifying shortages in any particular product, and this is below and also currently in the church weekly pewsheet.

The latest is: tinned - vegetables, fish, meat, potatoes, fruit; biscuits, instant mash, UHT milk and juice, cooking sauces, and hair conditioner. We also ask for pet food as clients will often share their food allocation with their beloved and sometimes their only friend - their pet - as indeed if we were in their place we would do the same.

There is a Foodbank Box in the Porch Room to receive your kind and gen-erous donations, and be assured that these are most gratefully and responsibly used. So MANY thanks.

John Fontaine tel 01453 751113