Traidcraft - July 2018

Candles0718Many of you will have seen (and bought!) some of the lovely wax candles that are sold through Traidcraft. Wax Industri Nusantara are based in Ngawi, East Java in Indonesia. It is a smallish factory employing 50 workers, mostly women, in an area where unemployment is high. Rather than investing in machinery, they deliberately employ local people to make the products by hand even though using machinery would make the factory more productive.

Besides providing job opportunities, there is a programme of training for staff, good working conditions , fair wages and free health care benefits.
The factory has also installed solar panels to produce electricity and they collect rain water to use in the production process.
Wax Industri are advocates for handmade products. Handmade means more hands, more artisans, less unemployment and a happier village.

All their products are made from 100% natural palm wax, which contributes to the sustainable production of palm oil. The candles have a pure cotton wick, a solid colour wax , a clean burn and no artificial fragrances . Look out for the candles on our stalls.

Our next stall is Sunday July 22nd after the service in the Porch Room.
If you forget your money or maybe you will be on holiday, then download an order form.
Thank you.
Jackie Natt 01453 731018.