Traidcraft - June 2018

On the shores of St Helena Bay, on the west coast of South Africa, lie the vas salt pans of Velddrif. Underground there is a layer of water bearing permeable rock called an aquifer and natural sea water is pumped up from this to the surface and through 12 pans. The intense heat of the sun and the warm breeze do the rest and, when the water reaches the final pan, then the salt content is so concentrated that natural crystals form which are then harvested by hand.

FlamingoThe area is a haven for all kinds of birdlife, including flamingos which feed on the pink brine shrimps. It is here also that there is a small fair trade organisation called Khoisan Trading. In a small, simple processing unit the salt is sieved, graded and packed with nothing added. It is this salt that is used in the new ‘Eat Your Hat’ chocolate bar—milk chocolate with South African sea salt.

chocbarKhoisan employs local people who enjoy good working conditions and other benefits to their community. By buying the new Eat Your Hat chocolate, you are helping these people to have a better life.
Traidcraft’s slogan is “TRAID NOT AID”

The next stall is Sunday June 24th in the Porch Room after the 10 am service. Please come along and support Traidcraft.

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