Traidcraft - May 2018

This month I want to tell you about 3 lovely ladies who are part of the Coopain Cabana Cooperative. This is a group of around 500 small holder famers in Peru. They grow quinoa just north of Lake Titicaca.

The cooperative governs itself and is split into 15 local associations headed by presidents and delegates who hold their positions for one year before voting begins again. The three ladies are all members of the Coopain and have lived in Cabana all their lives.

Mercedes is part of the supervisory committee and is very involved in Fairtrade negotiations. As well as working in the fields to produce quinoa she also has a say in its sale and usage.

Dionica has been able to send her two children to study in Lima and Juliaca. Her husband sells the quinoa at above market price so they can continue to farm sustainably .

Gladys works in the field with her husband. Their children have now left to work in the city but they send money to help their parents and so Gladys now has the time and money to make her own cheese and she makes ‘Mazamorra’ which is her own blend of milk, cheese and quinoa!!

The Coopain’s involvement has meant that these women can move with the times and have a better quality of life. They have bought 2 tractors and can now harvest a field in a couple of hours instead of having to do it manually over a few days.

Everytime you buy quinoa products and other Traidcraft items we are able to support people like Mercedes, Dionica and Gladys have a better life.
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