Traidcraft - March 2018

FairTradeThere are lots of hidden entrepreneurs in the world….and not all of them drive sports cars!! Many are people who have the talent and determination to succeed, but lack the opportunity. They don’t run international businesses but have the raw ingredients to create something special. 

Although talent , ingenuity and skill are distributed evenly across the world not everyone is able to access education or an economy that supports their ambition . Not everyone even has three meals every day.

Traidcraft Exchange seeks to help these hidden entrepreneurs. They offer advice on soil erosion, seed choices and fertilisers. They also offer training courses on business, finance and marketing matters.

Agnes is a farmer and a widow . She is also 70 years old and owns just one acre of land. She says ‘ I want to be able to be independent and not to rely on others to help me. I want my farm to be able to produce enough so I can save money.’

With help from Traidcraft Exchange , Agnes and a group of other women were able to receive training, save money as a group and use the power of the community to negotiate better prices for their crops. Agnes now has everything she needs to make the most of her potential.

February 11th was our Fair Trade Sunday . This was the Sunday when we explained more about Traidcraft and Fairtrade at the 10am service in the Parish church.

Our next stall is Sunday March 11th after the 10am service in the porch rooms. There will be Mothers’ day cards available to buy as well as Easter eggs to order.

Please come along and support Traidcraft.

Thank you again .
Jackie Natt 01453 731018