Traidcraft - February 2018

We now have the figures in for the sales in 2017. The sales of Traidcraft products in 2017 was over £6,000 pounds!! We also managed to give an extra £500 pounds as a donation to Traidcraft ‘s work.

Well done everyone!! This is a magnificent amount and it’s all down to YOU!! This means that Holy Trinity is now known as a ‘Traidcraft Super Trader’!!

Traidcraft0218All the money that we send to Traidcraft enables them to continue their work to help traders in other countries - people who don’t want ‘handouts’ but help with their trade; people like Nizzamuddin who lives with his wife and sons in Varanasi. Nizzamuddin comes from a long line of weavers who are skilled artisans producing beautiful hand woven sarees. For hun-dreds of years they were respected and valued but in recent decades, cheap imported fabrics and difficulty in accessing capital has meant they have fallen into dire poverty. Nizzamuddin experienced harsh poverty as a child but through a Traidcraft project and his own ambition and drive, he has learned how to manage his business.

Traidcraft Exchange runs a project bringing the weavers in the area together to form collectives. They can access capital, have training on marketing and sales and learn how to ensure their work is environmentally sustainable. Nizzamuddin can now plan a brighter future for his family and ensure that their ancient craft can provide a living for the next generation.

We will be holding a ‘FairTrade Sunday’ on Sunday February 11th. At the 10am service we will be telling you much more about Traidcraft and Fairtrade and there will also be a stall after the service in the Porch Room. There will be Mothers’ day cards available to buy as well as Easter eggs to order.

Please come along and support Traidcraft.

Thank you again.
Jackie Natt 01453 731018.