Minchinhampton Nkokoto Link - February 2018

The Link keeps in regular, usually weekly, contact with Stima, our local rep-resentative in Urambo and, just before Christmas, he sent an appeal to the Link: the primary school’s toilets, which are simply pit latrines, had collapsed and could we finance the rebuilding of a new set of toilets? Without toilets the school would not be able to open on January 8th. The estimated cost for the Link to provide was 2,080,000 Tanzanian shillings (£693). We readily agreed to fund this and also to fund the completion of the new toilets that I saw being built when I was in Nkokoto recently. The picture below shows you the new toilet block completed.

Following discussion of my report on my return from Nkokoto, the Link has also made decisions on which of the many possible pro-jects in the village to support during the first part of 2018. These are: 

  • Equipment and materials for Nkokoto Primary School – 3,000,000TSh;
  • Repair the Clinic Nurse’s house which had been badly damaged by ter-mites and weather and make it habitable – 900,000TSh. Labour and ma-terials all sourced locally;
  • Give 400 mosquito nets and solar lights (called voltlights) to the poorest families in the village and to those who are disabled or have AIDS within the family;
  • Finance improvements to the village meeting house, within a capped budget of 900,000TSh;
  • Buy footballs, netballs and equipment for recreational use by the Nkokoto children and teenagers;
  • Support for the poorest and/or most struggling householders to enable them to buy school uniforms, shoes and school materials for their chil-dren;
  • Continue with the microfinance scheme, initially only providing loans to those who received a loan in the first phase of the scheme and have repaid it, but perhaps extending the loan scheme to others in the future. This picture shows the ladies at Nkokoto market set by under the microfinance scheme and provid-ing the families with a steady, if but small, regular income;


  • Purchase enough bicycles so that every student living in Nkokoto can have one;
  • Possibly support the provision of school meals at the school.

The Link is also planning as soon as possible and as soon as finances are raised, to support the building of two teacher’s houses in Nkokoto. This will improve their living conditions but will also help to recruit teachers and en-courage them to stay working at the primary school. There is so much we can do to improve conditions in Nkokoto, there will never be a time when we say “….job done!!” This support for Nkokoto has only been possible be-cause of the generosity of those of you who support the Link. Thank you to you all.
Rod Harris, Chairman,
07775652379 / 01453 872317 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.