Traidcraft - October 2017

We have had a short break during the summer but now the Traidcraft stall is back every month.

During the alterations and reordering of the church we shall still be holding a Traidcraft stall on the 4th Sunday of each month in the Porch Room after the 10am service.

Palm Oil
FairPalm is the organic and certified palm oil that is used in the Traidcraft ‘Clean & fair’ range. Palm oil products are found in so many of our everyday consumables from toothpaste to pizzas.

The vast majority of palm oil used for these products comes from plantations where the earth has been stripped clear of its natural flora to plant the crop and the local wildlife has nowhere to go . Traidcraft’s work to support growers of ethical palm oil is vitally important .Last year they began to work with another supplier of Fairpalm known as Natural Habitats based in northern Ecuador.

Natural Habitats have a strong commitment to fair trade and organic practices and they are keen to support the farmers with agricultural training and even football coaching for local children!

The quality of the oil depends on how fresh the palm fruit bunches are when they arrive for processing. The dirty and muddy tracks in the area means that this is challenging and Natural Habitats are working with local farmers to improve the roads.

Biodiversity is respected and encouraged and at least 15% of the plantations are left uncultivated so that indigenous plants and animals can grow and flourish there.

Look out for the Traidcraft logo on everything you buy and help us to look after the earth together.

Do come along and support Traidcraft!!

Please contact me if you want to know more.
Jackie Natt 01453 731018.