Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - January 2 2017

Many readers will remember the great advantage of Stima’s visit to Minchinhampton in May 2016 when he met many of the Link supporters and spent time in the town. The great advantage of having him with us for 10 days meant that we could discuss in depth ideas, suggestions and plans for future projects.

Stima went back to Nkokoto and talked with the Nkokoto Village Committee, Salumu the clinician and Joyce headteacher at the primary school, to discuss with them their hopes and wishes for the support that Minchinhampton can give to the children and villagers. The result of all this consultation, so thoroughly carried out, was a list from Stima!! This list includes projects that we believe should be the responsibility of the local government or national government, e.g. rehabilitation of the 8 classrooms and office, and the digging of latrines for the teachers and pupils. However, we know realistically that the Tanzanian Government just does not have the cash to complete even the basic of these necessary improvements.

Other items on the Nkokoto priority project list are more accessible projects for the Link to consider. For example, now that the pupils at the secondary school do not have to pay fees for their education, the Link has covered the cost of their uniform and basic stationary and book needs, but there are now more students attending school, so we will be increasing our expenditure on this. More bicycles will be needed so that all those students at the secondary school who live in Nkokoto can cycle to and from school.

We will also purchase more D-lights (the solar powered lights) for these students and families so that they can study at home (and have a more pleasant and safer environment during the hours of darkness.) Although electricity has reached the village, very few villagers can afford to have it in the houses. The clinic has a shortage of many items such as medicines, medical equipment, furniture, beds, screens and mattresses. The Link hopes to be able to offer financed for locally purchasing some of the most needed items for the clinic. These purchases will obviously be made locally and in consultation with the Senior Medical Officer of the Urambo region.

Well done and thank you everyone who supported the Link in one way or another. Thank you so much.

Rod Harris, Chairman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 01453 872317)