Fairtrade Fortnight
29th February to 13th March

Sunday 28th February 10am        Eucharist with Fairtrade theme.
                                     11.15 am  The “Big Brew” in the Porch Room.
Thursday 3rd March     3.00-5.00 Traidcraft Tea Party in the Porch Room.
Sunday 6th March                         Traidcraft Sunday Breakfast

By the time you read this magazine we shall be into Fairtrade fortnight, and I hope you have enjoyed the Fairtrade service and our first Big Brew.

We are now looking forward to the Traidcraft Tea Party in the Porch Room – a new venture for us. There will be Cream teas, and stalls selling crafts, cards, chocolate, and all the usual goodies. We very much hope to see you there.

Raffle tickets for a basket of Traidcraft goods will be on sale at all three events, and the raffle will be drawn at the Sunday Breakfast. All donations and profits will go towards the Traidcraft 'Let it grow' appeal.

After the wonderful success of last year's appeal, Traidcraft have been able to start several new projects. One is in Myanmar, formerly Burma. After terrible years of oppression the country is at last opening up and its people are looking forward to grasping new opportunities to build better lives. In the mid-1900s Burma was the world's largest exporter of rice, but the dictatorship and international sanctions stopped that, and the rice farms were allowed to go to ruin. In two rural communities in western Myanmar, Lin Win Gyi and Moe Goke, Traidcraft is helping farmers to work in groups teaching them to make sure their product conforms with fairtrade standards – that proper fertilizers are used, there is no child labour and men and women are paid the same. A rice mill has been restored and a storage facility has been built. So it is hoped that in the very near future these farmers will be able to export their rice, the first ever Fairtrade product exported by Myanmar!

Our March stall will be on March 20th as the 4th Sunday is Easter day. We shall be selling Easter Eggs and Easter cards.

We look forward to seeing you at all our events.

Clare Cooper