Fairtrade Fortnight - 29th February to 13th March

Sunday 28th February - 10am Eucharist with Fairtrade theme.
11.15 am The “Big Brew” in the Porch Room.
Thursday 3rd March 10.30 – 12.30 - The second “Big Brew” in the Porch Room.

Do you remember this time last year everyone contributed very generously to the Traidcraft “Fair Necessities Appeal”? Donations to the Appeal over the country amounted to £80,000, which with the contribution from the government gave Traidcraft £160,000. This has made an enormous difference to the amount they can help some of the world's poorest smallholder farmers.

Traidcraft is hoping to build on last year's success and is calling its campaign this year “Let it Grow”. We know that the world is full of potential need: families to be fed, children educated and poverty consigned to the history books. We know too that so many are increasingly aware of the need for action, ready to stand up for fairness and working to make things better for the world's poorest ....so we must not let our resolve slip but “Let it Grow”.

As you will see we are holding two “big Brew” events in the Porch Room. At both there will be Traidcraft Stalls and opportunities to make donations to the “Let it Grow” Appeal. There will also be a raffle which will be for a basket of Traidcraft products.

At the second event there will be plenty of time to chat so we will have cake to accompany your tea or coffee! We shall be selling craft items in addition to the usual food items and the ever popular Traidcraft cards. You are warmly invited to both events.

I would like to tell you briefly about Mohammad Abdur Rahim. From childhood he had to work to support his sick parents and three young sisters. He was the only breadwinner and so was not able to go to school. His wages were so poor that they lived on small quantities of rice. He tells of his many difficulties – his sisters married but each had return to him because of illness or cruelty. He himself married and he had two sons. He was the only one working to try to provide for ten in the family. He says “ when I was standing at the edge of my life, Traidcraft came into our lives like a light.” He was given some tea plants and training sessions so he now has what he calls a tea garden. Within 3 years his life had completely changed. The children were able to go to school, they all could buy new clothes, they were able to supplement their rice with eggs, chicken, fish and he has now been able to build a house and buy a bed. “I have never imagined that a tea plant could bring such change to so many peoples' lives.”

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Big Brews.

Clare Cooper