Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - January 2016

Water, water, water......

Nkokoto Water

“Water, water, water....” was the response to my question to the Nkokoto villagers during my last visit when asked what their priorities are for the Link’s next project. Water plays such an essential and important part in all our lives, here and in Nkokoto. You and I turn on the tap (and no doubt waste a fair amount of water?!) yet in Nkokoto, as in many parts of rural East Africa, a good supply of healthy, clean water close by to your home is just not available. Now the Link has again helped the people of Nkokoto and we are thrilled to announce that the drilling of the borehole has been successful. DDCA drilled in their chosen site and hit an aquifer of water below the village. This is wonderful news and means that the villagers can pump water into their containers with ease and for many of them, will not have to wait so long nor walk so far to get their daily supply of water. The news from the village was that the villagers are very excited about having a second borehole with clean, fresh water. Thank you to everyone in Minchinhampton who has supported projects in Nkokoto during 2015 and before, and especially a BIG thank you to the local company that sponsored the new borehole.

We should be receiving the annual school reports from Vumilia Secondary School soon which I will forward to those of you who sponsor a child at the school and we will also be receiving a list of the new Nkokoto children who will be commencing at the school. These children for sponsorship will be chosen by the Headteachers of both Nkokoto Primary School and Vumilia Secondary School, together with the Education Officer for the area, Stima our local representative and the Village Chairman. The children will be chosen for their potential to do well and their positive attitudes towards learning. More details next month, but in the meantime if you would like to sponsor a child at the school or at the Folk Development College in 2016, please get in touch with me.
The students who we have sponsored for two years at the Folk Development College have now finished their course and have been given a tool kit or sewing machine and accessories, depending on the course they have completed. We wish them well and hope they can find employment in their trade or set up their own business in the future.

The Link has sent Christmas Cards with photos of snowy Minchinhampton to everyone in Nkokoto and Urambo who support the link between Minchinhampton and Nkokoto, but of course avoiding the “Merry Christmas” type message as many of our people there are Muslims! And of course, the Minchinhampton Link committee members hope that all our supporters and those who pray for the work of the Link have had a very lovely Christmas and a happy start to 2016.
Rod Harris, Chairman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Tel : 01453 872317 or 0777 565 2379