Box W.I. - July 2019

Our Spring Commons Edge Area Meeting was held on Tuesday 7th May in Box Village Hall. It was well attended with members from Minchinhampton, Box, Nailsworth and Woodchester WIs. We were pleased to see Sandie Baker, our WI Advisor, who informed us on the details of how the voting for the resolutions is organised.

Our speaker was Robin Burton from Stroud Wassail, who spoke on the history of song and entertained us with unaccompanied, tuneful snippets! He spoke of the demise of people enjoying singing themselves at work and play. Nowadays, people are “listeners” rather than “singers” and these days few children actually learn nursery rhymes. The older generation can still remember their nursery rhymes but are not so good at recalling modern music!

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Traidcraft - July 2019

Traidcraft0719AImagine if no matter how hard you worked today, you couldn't afford to put food on the table. For millions of people around the world, that's the reality they face. A fair income gives you freedom, security and hope for the future. It allows you to feed your family and educate your children.

That is the power of trade done well. But unfair trade amplifies poverty. It makes the rich richer and leaves the poor behind. Traidcraft Exchange exists to do two things...

  • To support people to harness the benefits of trade.
  • To fight against injustice in global trade.

It's a simple mission, but it is changing lives all over the world.

Traidcraft Exchange run development programmes across Africa and South Asia to support poor and vulnerable people to get a better deal from trade.

They are working to rescue and rehabilitate men, women and children from work under debtTraidcraft0719B bondage and forced labour conditions in northern Bangladesh and Madhya Pradesh, India. The project will create alternate avenues of income generation and establish people’s institutions that will focus on preventing exploitation.

Your support to the Traidcraft stalls means these people can work as part of a group, giving them a stronger voice and a more secure income. That means they can start to afford the things that many of us are lucky enough to take for granted.

Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft. Our next Sunday stall will be on Sunday July 21st after the 10am service.

Traidcraft - June 2019

If you imagine 1000 injustices... And picture each family affected, each abuse of power where the rich get richer at the expense of the poor...You still wouldn't be close to the scale of what's going on in the world right now. Injustice is everywhere.

But we can make things better - one small step at a time. Because it's through a thousand small steps that we actually start to make a difference. Together we can move towards a future where all trade is fair.

That’s what your support to Traidcraft means for the women of South Senegal – being able to afford the simple, everyday things that will make a world of difference to their children, because when you can’t afford the “little things”... well, you realise they aren’t so “little” after all.

Your support to the Traidcraft stalls means that fruit farmers in Casamance, South Senegal can come together and work as part of a group, giving them a stronger voice and a more secure income.That means they can start to afford the things that many of us are lucky enough to take for granted. Yacime, a fruit farmer and mother of five, explains:

shoestraidcraft0619“Before we formed the association, I couldn’t afford shoes for the children. “They used to ask their father, ‘Can we have shoes?’ and we had to say no. Now I can say yes, and they all have shoes which protect their feet on the way to school.”

For Yacime, the daily walk to school is just the first step of a bigger journey:

“I hope my children will get work after they complete their education and have jobs with salaries. I want success for my children – that is more important than success for me.”

Yacime herself never went to school, but thanks to your support, a brighter future for her children isn’t just a dream – it’s a reality.

That’s the beauty of trade when it’s done right – it keeps families happy, healthy and thriving – not just today, but for generations.

Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft.

Our next Sunday stall will be on Sunday June 16th after the 10am service.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018.

Box W.I. - June 2019

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for the May issue of the magazine. I very much regretted this as it included a tribute to Agnes Hutchinson, a very much respected and well-loved member of Box WI. So, I am including it this month and apologise for the late entry!

We were all very sorry to learn of the death of Agnes Hutchinson on 20th March aged 99. We offer our sincere condolences to Betty, her life-time friend. Betty and Agnes first met when teaching at Uttoxeter and then moved to Minchinhampton. They both joined Minchinhampton WI in 1982 and 5 years later joined Box WI. They were both very active members taking positions of secretary and treasurer for many years – no mean task! They went on 20 different courses at Denman College, amongst which were Elizabethan and Regency Dancing, Photography and Stumpwork Embroidery. Agnes was very talented in embroidery and produced beautiful work. During her last years at Ilsom House, Agnes enjoyed joining in the varied activities the home offered. It is good to know she was well cared for in her final years.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - May 2019

We spent a most entertaining afternoon at our meeting on April 3rd. First of all we had an Easter Bonnet parade and competition, judged by our members. Afterwards, an enjoyable quiz with twenty very unusual questions.

Tea and hot cross buns, delicious home made biscuits and simnel cakes ended the afternoon.

Our next meeting will be at 2pm on Wednesday May 1st in the Library and new members are always very welcome.

Box W.I. - April 2019

In February we had a very interesting talk by Sue Simmonds on “Celebrities at the Market House.” It made me realise how many well-known and famous people actually live in our area! I must congratulate Sue on her ability to spot them and chat them up!!

On 27th March three of our members are going to the Annual Council Meeting in Cheltenham. The speaker for that event is Helen Pankhurst CBE, great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst. She is an International Development and Women’s Rights activist and writer and will no doubt be a fascinating speaker.

Meetings at Box Village Hall are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10am business, coffee at 10.30am followed by a speaker. Visitors are warmly welcomed at 10.30am - £3 including coffee.

Geraldine Ames, President.

Minchinhampton W.I. - July 2019

At our last meeting, on June 5th, we had a most entertaining and educational talk about the Museum in The Park.

The speaker was often very amusing and extremely absorbing. Samples from the Museum’s archives were passed around for us to inspect and figure out their purpose.

Our next meeting will be at 2pm on July 3rd in the Library and new members are most welcome.

Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - June 2019

For those supporters not able to attend the AGM on April 26th, this is a synopsis of the Chairman’s report. Since the last AGM, the Link has had a challenging year.

Our focus during 2018/19 as always has been mainly on education: Secondary School Student Sponsorship: The school year started in January, with 49 new students from Nkokoto. The Link gave bikes to all 49 stu- dents from Nkokoto. We sponsor 8 new students a year (32 in total). Each year all sponsored children receive new uniforms, books, stationary, a book bag and shoes. When students complete Form 4 at Secondary school, they take the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination. Selected students may attend Advanced Level - Forms 5 and 6. The Link has sponsored 2 new students for the last 2 years (4 in total) by paying tuition fees, board and lodgings. Costs vary from school to school, depending on where the school is.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - June 2019

Our last meeting was on May 1st; the weather was very dull but our afternoon was most enjoyable! On the business side, we had a report of the Council meeting. We then all voted on two resolutions: A call against the decline in local bus services and ‘Don’t fear the smear’. Both resolutions were voted for unanimously.

For relaxing, we had four different word games to tax our brains which were most diverting. Tea and biscuits ended the afternoon. Our next meeting will be at 2pm on Wednesday June 5th in the Library and new members are most welcome.

Traidcraft - May 2019

Traidcraft first started 40 years ago.Claire Cooper Traidcraft 0519

It was started by a small group of Christians who felt that by improving trade , people in poorer countries could work themselves out of poverty. It started with a few items made from jute and a hand drawn catalogue...and it has grown from there.

Trade not aid has always been their slogan.

We celebrated their 40th year at Wednesday Cuppa last month. We had a stall and a cake and a few games. We raised over £200. A big ‘thank you’ to those who came along, made cakes or helped in any way. This money will be sent to Traidcraft Exchange. This is the sister company to Traidcraft and is the one which actually sends people out to help train and guide the farmers and workers in poor countries.

As you have probably heard, things are changing in the way that Traidcraft are selling their goods. It is not the idea of fair trade that no longer works....but the way the products are sold. Fairtrade groceries will now be available to buy from supermarkets. Traidcraft products can usually be found in Oxfam shops.

We are continuing to hold a monthly stall in church but many of the items are no longer available for us to stock. Some of your favourites have been removed such as Geobars.

Over the years, Holy Trinity Minchinhampton and Amberley have been very supportive of the Traidcraft vision and by buying items from the Traidcraft stall, you have helped work towards this vision over the years...

Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft.

Our next Sunday stall will be on Sunday May 19th after the 10am service.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018.

Box W.I. - May 2019

In March we had a very interesting and informative talk by Geoff Baldero on all aspects of foot care. He was an excellent speaker and kept us entertained as well as informed!

Five members attended the Annual Council Meeting in March. Once the main business was over, Ann Jones, NFWI Vice Chairman gave an excellent speech on past resolutions debated at WIs. To mention just a few she referred to Equal Pay (1943); Keep Britain Tidy (1954); and HIV (1986). The afternoon speaker was Helen Pankhurst, great granddaughter of Emmeline. She reflected on the changes in women’s lives since the right to a parliamentary vote was first granted, to some women in 1918. At the time of the suffragettes, women’s work was restricted to the 5 C’s – Caring, Cleaning, Cooking, Children and Clerking – how times have changed! The Mayor of Cheltenham was at the meeting and he referred to the WI as “pillars of society”! Nice to know that someone appreciates us!

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Minchinhampton W.I. - April 2019

Our speaker, Mr Howard Beard, entertained us with a very knowledgeable and amusing talk at our meeting on Wednesday March 6th. His subject was about People and Place of the Stroud Valley from 1902 to 1914. He was so comprehensive about his subjects shown to us from post cards projected onto a large screen. It made a most nostalgic and enjoyable afternoon for all of us ladies.

Our next meeting is ‘Easter Festivities’ which will be in the Library on Wednesday April 3rd. Tea and biscuits and time for a chat at the end of the meeting.

New members are always welcome.