Box W.I. - April 2019

In February we had a very interesting talk by Sue Simmonds on “Celebrities at the Market House.” It made me realise how many well-known and famous people actually live in our area! I must congratulate Sue on her ability to spot them and chat them up!!

On 27th March three of our members are going to the Annual Council Meeting in Cheltenham. The speaker for that event is Helen Pankhurst CBE, great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst. She is an International Development and Women’s Rights activist and writer and will no doubt be a fascinating speaker.

Meetings at Box Village Hall are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10am business, coffee at 10.30am followed by a speaker. Visitors are warmly welcomed at 10.30am - £3 including coffee.

Geraldine Ames, President.

Traidcraft - April 2019

Imagine a world where all the trading is fair without any exploitation.
Traidcraft0419AAt Traidcraft Exchange their vision is of a world where all trade is fair – not just a few items on your supermarket shelf. But what would that world actually look like? It's hard to imagine a global trading system free from any trace of exploitation or unfair wages - but that's exactly whatyou'd get. Whether you're at your local supermarket, or a cloth stall in southern India - it would all be fair. Every item bought would tell the story of another life changed through the power of trade. In that world, the gap between rich and poor would be smaller. Families would always be fed, children would always be educated. It sounds far fetched but that is Traidcraft’s vision and they take steps towards it everyday. By buying items from Traidcraft , you have helped work towards this vision Traidcraft0419Bover the years.

However, things are changing in the way that Traidcraft are selling their goods.

It is not the idea of fair trade that does no longer work....but the way the products are sold. All the Traidcraft groceries will now be available to buy from supermarkets.

We are continuing to hold a monthly stall in church but many of the items are no longer available for us to stock. Many of you will have noticed that Geobars and many biscuits have disappeared.

We will carry on for as long as possible ...until it becomes no longer sustainable to hold a monthly stall.

Our next Sunday stall will be on Sunday April 28th after the 10am service. Thank you for continuing to support Traidcraft.

Jackie Natt 01453 731018

Traidcraft - March 2019


Traidcraft is 40 years old !!

Back in 1979,the founders of Traidcraft wanted to show that trade, not just aid, was the way forward. Today, after 40 years of trading, the business has seen many changes – but its core mission remains the same.

Traidcraft originally started selling products in churches and community shops and the profits went back into helping farmers who were producing the goods. The charity also wanted to educate consumers in the UK about alternative trade with those producers who supplied Traidcraft products.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - March 2019

We met in the Library on 6th February and were given a warm welcome by the President.
Volunteers were recruited for the W.I. County Quiz.
We were informed about:

  • A centenary village fair and picnic to take place in Lord Bathurst’s private garden on July 6th.
  • A talk on Richard III to take place in Churchdown on May 16th. A gold embroidery workshop at W.I. House on 17th or 27th April. A walk in Newent on April 6th.
  • Campaigns Day on April 29th at Gloucester Farmers Club.
  • A coach trip to Blenheim Palace in June.

We were given dates for the Monday lunch, the Craft Group and the Scrabble Group.

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Minchinhampton W.I. - January 2019

The W.I met on January 9th. The scrabble group has now grown so popular that it will meet from now on in the Library at a cost of £3 per person. The Christmas lunch raised £93 for the Sue Ryder Foundation. The competition is to revert to letters of the alphabet and February’s letter will be ‘L’. Next month’s speaker is from the Food Bank and members are asked to bring contributions (but not baked beans please).

There was an interesting talk by Sue Smith about Thailand, where she has visited many times. She had a number of interesting anecdotes to tell and brought with her many clothes and craft items that she had purchased from local people..

The next meeting is on Weds 6th February at 2pm in the Library.

Box W.I. - January 2019

Unfortunately, my January report got lost in the ethers between Box and Minchinhampton, never to be seen again! I am sure you all missed it!

It’s a long time ago, but at our AGM in November; we were struggling to form a Committee and were facing the possibility of closure! However, the troops rallied
around in true WI tradition and we are now viable again; but we do need new members, as our numbers are dwindling!

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Minchinhampton W.I. - April 2019

Our speaker, Mr Howard Beard, entertained us with a very knowledgeable and amusing talk at our meeting on Wednesday March 6th. His subject was about People and Place of the Stroud Valley from 1902 to 1914. He was so comprehensive about his subjects shown to us from post cards projected onto a large screen. It made a most nostalgic and enjoyable afternoon for all of us ladies.

Our next meeting is ‘Easter Festivities’ which will be in the Library on Wednesday April 3rd. Tea and biscuits and time for a chat at the end of the meeting.

New members are always welcome.

Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - April 2019


Murder Mystery and Recent Visit to Nkokoto - Part 2
During their visit to Nkokoto, Alison and Chris lived in a Teacher's House at the Folk Development Centre (FDC) in Urambo. We sponsor 6 new Nkokoto children every year to take a 2 year residential course in carpentry, electrical installation, tailoring, agriculture, animal husbandry, motor mechanics or masonry. All students also receive extra lessons in areas such as communication, computing, health care and team sports to give them better life opportunities.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - March 2019

Alison Kennedy visited Nkokoto from Feb 5th. She has just arrived home, with the sandy soil still in her boots! Each month we will highlight different aspects of the trip, starting with our top priority: Education.

Primary school in Nkokoto runs Standard I to VII classes. Children are legally required to complete 7 years of education. They start school at any age but often do so aged 5. Tuition is paid by the government. Last year the Link provided 3 million Tsh (£1000) of equipment and helped refurbish the toilets. Alison visited the school, and the headmaster requested further support which is to be discussed by the Committee.

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Box W.I. - March 2019

We had a most amusing and informative talk at our January meeting by Mike Cooper on his experiences as an Olympic Volunteer at Atlanta in 1996 and London 2012. We were surprised to hear that not only was it a totally unpaid job, but he had to pay for his accommodation and travel as well! It also needed a great deal of stamina and good humour to undertake but was nevertheless a most enjoyable and unforgettable time of his life.

Our lunch at the Edgemoor Inn on 15th January was a great success. The food was excellent, and it was a most enjoyable event to start the New Year.

Our next meeting on March 12th is a talk on Podiatry, entitled “How to look after your Feet”. I hope his advice is not too late for the majority of us who have been caring for our feet for many years!

Meetings at Box Village Hall are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10am business, coffee at 10.30am followed by a speaker. Visitors are warmly welcomed at 10.30am - £3 including coffee.

Geraldine Ames, President

Stroud Foodbank - February 2019


Greetings from the Stoud District Foodbank Team. Please read below for our latest news, and thank you for your support during the past year.

Following a very successful Harvest and Christmas campaign we find ourselves in the enviable position of reaching capacity in the warehouse. This is something to be thankful for, but does pose some operational challeng- es. Even with a busy winter we have sufficient stock to cover a few months of demand. So we gently point out that it would be of most help to us to not receive food donations in the short term. We will send out a shopping list as soon as there are obvious shortages.

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Minchinhampton - Nkokoto Link - February 2019

By the time you are reading this article, Ali Kennedy (our committee member who plans and delivers those wonderful meals at the Murder Mystery Evenings and other Link events) and Chris will be in Nkokoto and Urambo meeting with Stima and representatives of Urambo District Council to discuss how the Link is going to progress its projects for the village, schools and Folk Development College (FDC.)

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