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Letter from the Rector - April 2019

Lifegiving Choices?

There is a film called ‘The World in Darkness’, about an archaeologist excavating in Jerusalem who claims to have found a body in the tomb where Jesus had been laid. He puts a mummified body on show – the corpse that apparently proves that Jesus had not risen from the dead.

The film then paints a picture of a world plunged into gloom – caring communities are disbanded and cathedrals are demolished. The world has ultimately become a less vibrant place without Christianity and it is as if the colour has drained from the richness of life’s tapestry. And then, finally, (Warning – Plot Spoiler!) the archaeologist on his deathbed confesses that he had lied to get famous, and that the tomb he discovered had been empty.

‘The World in Darkness’ illustrates that we should bring life, and life in all of its abundance to the world around us. Or to put it another way, the church should not (just) be about morals and values, but should bring life and colour and light to our community.

In a similar way we should ask ourselves, do our choices reflect a need to bring life and light to our community, or are our choices cynical and self-serving? I do find a lot of social media discourse is ultimately very demanding and judgemental.

To avoid being sucked into the temptation to be fashionably negative, we need to remember that the more we try to please ourselves the emptier we will feel, but the more we try and bring life to others, the more we will receive life, life in all its abundance.

May I wish you all a very holy and blessed Passiontide and Easter this year.

Yours in Christ,
The Revd Canon Howard Gilbert, Rector.