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Letter from Sandy Emery, Associate Priest - October 2018

Dear Friends
Autumn is one of my most favourite seasons with all the richness of colour around us. Pic- tures never seem to do it justice and artists try to get the autumnal colours right but there’s nothing better than viewing all them yourself. It can be an awesome experience what God has given us in creation.

Growing up in Canada I remember the spectaccular autumnal colours of the maple trees as they go from green to yellow to bright red, making the countryside spectacular to behold. Then there were fields upon fields full of orange pumpkins making this time of year a sight to embrace. Of course, the pumpkins were not just for the pagan festival of Halloween but Canadians eat roasted pumpkin as a vegetable and also pumpkin puree in pies as a desert. One of my favourites which I dearly miss at this time of year!

By the time you read this the harvest will be just about over in this country and about starting in mine where fields of hay and corn will be stacked ready for gathering for the winter months ahead. Then farmers will be getting ready to gather to give thanks to God for the provision he has given us at the Harvest Festival Service in church. More often in the countryside this service can have a better number in the congregation than that of Easter. Why? Well we gather in church at harvest time to celebrate the many riches God gives to us and to thank God for giving growth to the crops which yield us our food. We acknowledge our total dependence on God's mercy, without which we would starve.

Even those who are not yet certain whether or not they believe in God come to harvest festival because they feel deep down that we are not entirely self-reliant.

I am hoping that our Harvest service on Sunday 7th October at 5pm will have many attending to thank God for what he has given us over the growing season. All are welcome to join us for the Harvest Supper after the service where we will share the hospitality of God’s love with all as we break bread together.

News relating to our Vacancy. I am pleased to say that by the time you read this the interviews for the post of Rector will have taken place. However, it will be a few weeks after that we will be able to announce the outcome. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and pray that God will send us the right person to become our new Rector.

With love and best wishes