Legacy - The Past and the Future


Our churches have a rich heritage. In Minchinhampton, Holy Trinity dates back to the twelfth century. It has shared the horrors of the Black Death (no fewer than four of our 50 Rectors held office in that terrible year of 1349), survived the Reformation and the dissolution of the monasteries. A Victorian reordering in 1842 effectively rebuilt the church. There have been many improvements since then, all funded by the generosity of parishioners. The organ is a typical example: built in 1887, enlarged in 1922 and 1937, refurbished in 1969, and a complete overhaul in 1984. Without legacies received, this could not have been accomplished.

St Barnabas Church in Box also has a special history. The current Arts and Crafts building – purportedly the first to be built after WW2 – replaced the corrugated iron Mission Church of the 1800s, thanks to the donations given on a special Gift Aid Day in 1951, when the Rector, Canon Rex Hodson, sat in church until there was enough for building work to begin!


Our churches serve our current congregations, as well as the whole community – not just there for baptisms, weddings and funerals, but for different concerts, community gatherings and children’s work which take place within our walls. To support the churches is to say, much as our front cover does, that we want the churches to be there for future generations. A legacy is a wonderful way to ensure our churches continue to serve for hundreds of years to come.


weddingEach year around 5,000 people leave a gift in their wills to a Church of England parish. This money helps to finance mission projects, maintain beautiful church buildings, or enable some other aspect of church life. These gifts make a real difference to the future work of the Church

At Holy Trinity Minchinhampton, and at St Barnabas, Box, we welcome all gifts in Wills, however large or small, and promise to use your gift to make a difference in our parish. Our PCC legacy policy is to use gifts to help fund significant development projects, whether buildings, equipment or staff. 

Since needs change over the years, we encourage you to leave a gift in your Will for the general purposes of the parish rather than for a restricted purpose. We will discuss possible uses of your gift with your executors when the time comes, bearing in mind your known areas of interest in the church (e.g. music, buildings, children and youth, overseas mission or aid) and the church’s priorities at the time.

You can be confident that your gift will be used to make a real difference to our future mission and ministry. We won’t spend it on parish share or the gas bill! We will acknowledge gifts in whatever way you/your executors feel most appropriate. We can ensure gifts remain anonymous if preferred. If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about the sorts of purposes your gift might fund, please contact Church office  on 01453 889004 and the Church Administrator will arrange a meeting for you.

If you would like to make a gift to our church in memoriam, please come and discuss this with us too. It can be a wonderful and appropriate way to remember a loved one.


St Barnabas Box








St Barnabas at Box, completed in 1951, has a beautiful golden spire and outstanding 20th century stained glass, all gifts by parishioners.



At Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton, the stonework, the Vane, the Church Office, the Porch Room, and many trees, are examples of how
parishioners have left their mark on the church and in our parish by gifts in your lifetime.

Will you help to support your churches for the Future?


An example of a short clause within your will might read: “I give (amount in words and figures, or percentage, or share of my residuary estate) to the parish of Holy Trinity Minchinhampton with St Barnabas, Box. The receipt of the Treasurer of the parish of Holy Trinity Minchinhampton with St Barnabas, Box, shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Trustees.

An example of a codicil might include “I (Name) of (Address) declare this to be a First (or second etc) codicil to my will dated (date). I give (amount in words and figures, or percentage, or share of my residuary estate) to the parish of Holy Trinity Minchinhampton with St Barnabas, Box. The receipt of the Treasurer of the parish of Holy Trinity Minchinhampton with St Barnabas, Box, shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Trustees.” 

The codicil must be dated, signed, and witnessed by two witnesses, as for your will. It is advisable to consult your solicitor. If you give a legacy to our churches as so many have before you through the centuries, you are helping the Church to continue its work in the centuries to come.